Friday, August 21, 2020

We're Still Learning With Power Rangers Collab Being Recorded Via Skype!

            Title doesn't lie, we're still learning with how we are doing the Power Rangers Podcast through Skype. I know these are rough waters for not just Larry and I but the entire team. We've been put into a position where we have had to record through Skype which was proven a disaster for us for the first time around and this is why I say that we're learning! We are still in the learning curve of fixing the problem. It will take a while for us to resolve the issues. Yeah, I blew my top off with Larry and it is just passion and really I have started to question in I will continue passed Dino Thunder at this point. However another post for another day and yeah, I just exposed how I really feel with the podcast and honestly I need to be more honest how I feel. We will get better as time goes on and I think we will be recording via Skype for a while at the least till the physical distancing and having masks are loosened up and I think it is best for not my safety but my family and also Larry and his Family. 

              We will come to full circle come September and I am sure him and I will end up recording the second podcast that was missing in June technically and let's just think that we have no problems anymore. However we have to remain positive and optimistic with the next section and I wanna surprise Larry with an email with the next podcast notes! We will get things corrected but it may take a few sessions. I know it's not the same with him being in the same room as I am but this is because of the pandemic going on. I rather not record with him in studio as you know we're in a pandemic right now and it is better safe then sorry to be honest that we record via Skype. To be honest I knew this was coming that we were going to end up recording via Skype since the start and honestly, we should of prepared a little better and that is my own fault we didn't test and figure it out first and that was entirely my own fault. We should of been more prepared but September we will test things out and get it working once again I promise you guys that. We've been testing some new software that I would like to use too. 


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