Thursday, August 20, 2020

Grand Theft Auto 5 Moments Recently (Throwback Thursday)

               I was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and Trevor was at the club let's say and he got too close to one of the girls there and the bouncer LITERALLY threw him out, I'm saying the two bouncers picked up him and threw him out! It was very hilarious and typical Trevor as he is a bit of a douche on the game at times and I see it definitely fitting for a character such as Trevor. Part of me now are annoyed and want to eliminate Trevor at the end of the game but the other part wants me to keep the 3 of them together. They are the three musketeers of the game with the craziness. However back to what I was saying about Trevor. I've also noticed Trevor is always seems to be either drunk, raging or picking a fight with some random dude at the odd times and I wish you guys could see my reaction to Trevor's stupidity sometimes. Trust me I have my comments with him all the time. I always have to make an account to some of the crazy stuff he does. 

               Another moment is Trevor saying my name is Trevor moment and it was pretty funny. He can be a pain in the butt but also hilarious at certain times of the game. It is very hard now with him being a pain and hilarious how I wanna end the game this time around as this is my second go around with the game, I'm not totally sure. However those are the best moments on the game thus far and I had to share with you guys what has been going on in the game, game wise and hopefully I can do this again soon in the very near by future. Let me know which option you guys would like see me do, Do away with Micheal or do away with Trevor at the end of the game and most popular answer I will do for sure. I will talk to you guys tomorrow.


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