Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Feeling Frustrated With YouTube...

              As you know, we had an issue with our former Channel hijacked and inappropriate videos uploaded to that channel. Now mind you we had the channel down and when it was Hijacked, it was reactivated apparently and someone uploaded inappropriate videos to it getting the channel permanently terminated which means, we cannot make a new channel now and we've not been active on the platform since deactivating the channel or scheduling it for deletion. So today, I've reached out to Team YouTube and they wanted to take this to DM and asked for me to follow and let em know it's done. It's now a little over an hour and nothing. Not a message back whatsoever. Starting to feel like they just do not care about their creators and really discouraged with the platform and that I have made the right move with no longer making videos on their platform. Me retiring was absolutely the right move that I made in 2016. I have no regrets whatsoever walking away from the platform. 

             This is why myself and the team decided to stick to our small but dedicated Facebook community where you guys have supported us non stop recently and we are thankful for your continuous support over the last almost year as we are reaching our 1 year anniversary with our Facebook page. So we can manage even without being on the platform. We have managed the last 4 years on our own and honestly we have done well. We continued to grow up to end of 2018 when we started to lose followers but the loyal followers stayed. We will manage without YouTube, we have and I am staying positive throughout this situation. As for the platform, I am very much happy where we are and I am sticking to my gut instinct on this. I enjoyed my time with the platform and still watch my favorite content creators on my spare time but as for us that chapter for us has now closed.

- Chris

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