Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Will I Get Neon Abyss Video Game?

              I know about a month ago I did a first look at the game Neon Abyss and I know I said I was gonna get it but haven't gotten it as of yet. I had to do upgrades to the studio which is a lot more important right now however this fall I will be getting it, just the matter of a money matter and the game actually is about 22 dollars Canadian which is not too bad to be honest and you know what as I type this post. Also the DLC looks really cool and I may as well just get that too as it is $2.29 so it is definitely sounding like its a go and I do still got a bit of money on my Steam account and I cannot wait to even dig into Neon Abyss. Actually I played the demo one last time and I got to the end of the demo as I had a really good build so that sold me to getting this game and I definitely want to play it. However, the issue is I have other games right now I am playing and trying to beat but I would like to play a new game. With the time I have, yea I could do it and mix things up. 

             I think it will come down to me saving up and I know it's not much but like I said, I'm trying to save up the money as much as possible especially when this pandemic is over, I will not have to worry about money but that is besides the point. However I am excited to actually dig right into the game and get into a new game and dig into it. I really meant what I said I really want to dig into neon Abyss as I said it is like Spelunky and also partially like The Binding of Isaac. Either way I will get it this fall, September but depends on the money situation as I am in a bit of a saving spree right now. I promise when I play many hours of the game, to do an in depth post on what I think and how I am progressing as that is what I have been doing with video games. I might start doing weekly gaming update posts on how I have done  so far as I do have updates and maybe Wednesdays I will make it my Gaming updates for the week which is good to have content. I will get this soon and stay tuned for more updates coming to the blog here!


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