Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Communication is Key!

              We had an issue with this account recently and we assure you Chris has given me access to posting and answering emails and Twitter Messages for the day as this is the second day he is off, due to personal reasons. Now to the post: Chris has graciously asked me to do this post as things have gotten very serious with ChrisBOnTheWeb and communication is definitely key.  You have to keep on communicating with your team members and do feel free to ask for help at sometimes and he's actually asked for help so there is a good primary example. No communication ends up a total mess and trust me ChrisBOnTheWeb has been there before and we're stronger then ever. Also leadership in the team situation helps a ton too when it comes to communication and strong leadership to what has to be done or what  is to be done so to speak and I feel like that has been a key factor. Friendships and family communicating is also important when it comes to trying to communicate things with your family whatever it may be.

               Communication is so important, especially when it comes into the business sense especially however communication is the up most important and even boss man admits it too, it is very, very important! To wrap up this post I want to apologize but we are swamped with work but hope this helps a bit and Chris and I were talking about this a bit and not communicating is bad and he knows from experience with previous team he had at one point and most recently with Larry with the issue of the tech issues and definitely there was no communication that night but it is what it is. Communication issues are fixable if both sides of the party want to fix the communication issues. It takes more then one to tango or in this case more then one to fix the problem. Anyways this is my post, hope you liked it, it wasn't much let us know if you have anything else you would like us to cover on the blog in the comments or private message us on FB, Twitter and Instagram and let us know. 

Arianna, Senior Advisor for ChrisBOnTheWeb

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