Monday, August 17, 2020

We're Rebuilding Our Facebook Fan Page!

             The last few weeks has shown that some people do not wanna support us and just troll and be disrespectful and they know who they are. So we are doing a complete overhaul of our Facebook Fan Page and we need to start networking with people and get people over on our Facebook too besides Twitter and Instagram as it is. It is time to grow this community and if this means we have to move podcasts over to YouTube then so be it, we can definitely do that in the next few weeks we will. However we want to utilize the Facebook Page cause YouTube is not all that great anymore. It hasn't been good for years and this is why our podcasts are going to be on Facebook Fan Page and why we need to start networking and bringing more people on. Now we have just under 3100 followers thanks to people unfollowing us and re following so it does fluctuate however that's not the point I wanna make. The point is I can definitely bring people in from our Twitter and Instagram. We will get it fixed. I wanna eventually get over 100 likes at some point and it would really be nice and we use to have 80 something likes at one point but we had to remove people in the past for certain reasons but we will fix this. 


                 Give us some time to fix this and if we need to just record Audio ONLY till we fix the issue that could be something or even going live we could bring in new viewers and after all we will be using Streamyard for guests but for the most part they will be using the broadcaster or OBS to stream to the page. More information is to come very soon on that as things need to get fixed first before we do anything else. Social Media and Networking are the most important thing right now as we need to make sure we are troll free and it seems we have issues with this the last week or so. To those who are on there, thank you for continuing to support us and we will fix all of this eventually. There will be a time where we get new likes we just have to be patient through all of this. 


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