Sunday, August 16, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Updates (08-16-2020)

               Well hello there, you guys never thought I would be doing the weekly update did you? LOL. Well we have no website admin nor Community Manager as they're both left CBOTW so this leaves me to do the updates. Who else better to do updates then the boss man himself, ha-ha. Anyways, here is the updates:

- Website: Things has been happening faster then you know it. We took down the chat in the last week due to not enough Staff or Moderators on the chatroom to watch over as I I cannot always watch it and also the spam and inappropriate comments made warranted me to remove it off the page. Also you probably notice the podcasts tab was redone, that's right I re coded the menu bar so the podcasts tab has both current podcasts and the archives and we like the new look of the menu bar. Also you probably seen the "Social Media" buttons which takes you to our social media but it does take you off the site but remember it was coded together technically. Will look into and see if theres a way to send it to another page.

- Power Rangers Podcast: Today I hope to bring it out for you guys whether it is tonight or what not we will see. I am currently still working on it and hoping to work at least half a day to get it out for you guys then take the rest of the day off for myself. 

- Social Media: For one thing, we will not tolerate trolling on our social media platforms and we had to end up banning two former staff for spam and inappropriate language which I will not repeat on here but it really ticked me off and now we've lost two likes cause of a troll issue recently. I have tweaked the filters and added in words that weren't there and yeah I have that power to add those in.

               There is what I have to the say for this week, it was an interested past week and a ton of changes that has happened and we continue to change, no more like improve things with CBOTW and that is what we wanna do is continue to improve things with CBOTW and in the coming weeks and months we will be preparing for the 6th Anniversary of ChrisBOnTheWeb.  


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