Saturday, August 15, 2020

Bus Route Going In And Out of My Area Is Not Cancelled!

              Here is the update on my situation with the bus around my area. Well, it has been an interesting last couple of days and I did find out my bus is being temporarily suspended and not cancelled entirely where I would of been really screwed in the situation. So this is still good news and I know what your gonna say what about friends like Larry and Eric coming over once this virus is over? Well it will be some time till the this is done and I am really am not worried about it right now but I do have a plan in place and I have spoken to 1 of the 2 so far about this. Eric has an idea and if he has to, he will take a cab to my end if worse comes to worse and Larry, well we will have to meet him half way to pick him up at the mall. However bus may be back in service sooner then we expect but it isn't being cancelled I admit to overreacting to the news and I went a little overboard on the transit system but I am happy they cleared things up with me on the situation.

             I need to ask more questions before reacting and it is hard sometimes, because it took em a few hours to reply and their lines were completely tied up but I am sure there was a ton of customers unhappy with the changes but the changes they made it's good changes to be honest. I like the idea of the regional routes and in time the bus will be added back eventually but right now is not the time at this time and really I am not going anywhere too far at this time and I am staying home, staying safe and if I have to go out then I can go out with my parents if need be. I am in no rush really to get back on a bus at this moment I just do not feel comfortable right now going back on the bus as of it with this virus, I just do not wanna end up sick as I have managed very well with being healthy through all of this. 


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