Friday, August 14, 2020

Video Game Review & Spelunky Update!

               Today's post is about Fishing Planet and I can say this, I wasn't impressed with the game whatsoever.  I found this game boring and not entertaining. I think I am more into entertaining game like shooters and what not. I just found it hard to get specific fish throughout the time and people getting in the way of me fishing which was annoying really.  No matter how many times I tried I couldn't get the fish. I just didn't feel like that this was a fun game, I wasn't too pleased with it whatsoever but I can give it another shot as I just started it and maybe I didn't give it a shot enough. After all it is a game to relax and not much raging to do like I do with most of the games technically. Anyways I am not really feeling like trying it again at this point but maybe in the very near future I will give it another shot. I would give this game a 1 out of 5 rating

                 Next on my list is an Spelunky update. I know it's been a while since I have done one in a few weeks and I tend to do one every few weeks apart from one another. Anyways two big things happened on the game the first thing is I actually killed all the bees on the Forest Level of Spelunky and gained 8 lives which didn't last long but it was an achievement that I am very much proud of at this point and I am going to get to the Ice World eventually. It will happen at some point where I will get to that point. Just gotta keep trucking on it. Also I am getting smarter in the earlier part of the video game making moves but still making stupid mistakes I shouldn't be making like going after the shop keeper on the game but getting better at it. I should really get the items I want I have to earn the coins. However there is one item I like but then I pay the ultimate price later in the video game. However I am having fun and trying to 100% as I would like to play Spelunky 2 if it comes out for the PC at some point but I am taking my time on this game. Those are my updates for video games wise and I really do have some more updates with Issac but I wanna wait till the time is right to make em. I really wish I had a channel to do gaming on to be honest but I have said this before, I am done with YouTube as a whole now. 


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