Saturday, November 21, 2020

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Ramble...

            I am not being negative but I am trying the hardest I can to get the notes written then  type em and I don't care if I have to go to bed early and up during the nights and up the entire day I will fight to the tooth to get these notes done. Why you think this podcast is going on hiatus? We are so behind schedule right now, it's not even funny anymore and I have had thoughts of just ending this collab but I made a promise for one more year of the collab and I meant it and even if this means putting it off till June or July and yes I say that like I have a plan moving forward and I do have a plan. So am I feeling frustrated with this collab? Well I am frustrated the fact that one thing after another seems to be a problem from editing the current collab to fixing the website with issues with in the last week and haven't been up to watching Ninja Storm which isn't a lot of work really. I am sitting back enjoying watching a Television show. There should be not a single problem and as of this morning writing this post, I am at EP 10 of 38 so I am making good tracks and if I can get up to 20 or 25 episodes then I will be good. 

                I know I am whining a little bit  and I am just merely felt frustrated with this collab and ready to tell Larry I am seriously contemplating quitting the collab as it has become too much but I know he would get me to reverse my decision very quickly as I know when I tell him the butt kissing begins. To be very honest, we are now going on 2.5 years of this podcast and I see us continuing on to our goal which is Super Ninja Steel which you guys did not know that piece of information and yes I am exposing everything that is going on with the Podcast and I am fine with it because you guys deserve to know how I am feeling and the fact I am feeling frustrated with this podcast. I know in the end it will be all fine when the podcast is on hiatus and I start pumping out season notes for the entire year of 2021 while we are on this hiatus and hopefully this corrects any of the issues. Don't forget we do this 3 times a year and takes time to prep for each and every one. I know I have mentioned the fact it will be down to 38 episodes a season then eventually 32 episodes a season so it will be becoming easier eventually just gotta be a little more patient then I have been recently. 


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