Wednesday, September 23, 2020

We Do Get Views on Our Content & Website!

            So with the trolls telling us get better content and they wanna help to get us more views and we already get views like 200 - 300 or more a day which adds up and we got 100K pretty fast so the numbers does add up and we actually get quite a good amount of traffic and we rather not talk about analytics too much as we do not wanna bore you guys with the details but you kind of forced us to bring up our analytics. So do not say we do not get views when we do and clearly doing very well for ourselves to this day. We continue to grow on a regular basis and we triple over the last several months with views  as we use to get 2k at the most a month on our website which was little now we get about 6 - 7K a month and we are continuing to grow on a daily basis! To be honest, this month we just got over 7k and we're 8 days from finishing up the month of September. What's next? 8K in the month of October? You never know!

             We do get views so you can stop complaining we don't get views and we have been told that in the past too. However the facts are true and we can easily print screen the analytics if we wanted to but that is for our eyes only. We may have lost a few followers here and there but followers come and go. Also we're not lying about our views gone up either and haters will hate and let em. They are jealous of our success and we have had people like that in the past and we can let them get jealous and hate us for success we have made with ChrisBOnTheWeb. We will continue to grow as a website and with our content and what not and we are nowhere near done creating content as we have another podcast in the works which you guys know what it is anyways and this will help us continue to grow as a community. 

Jim, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

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