Thursday, September 24, 2020

Chris Is Up To Something, but What?

               Something is up with Chris. He has now become very silent with the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and honestly I do not think it is the end of that podcast past December. There is plans beyond 2020 that he is not telling us the staff of the website nor Larry or myself so something is truly up and his being sneaky with the next plans. We all know by now a renewal for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is coming up and the two of them are sneaky but more like he (Chris) is being a sneak and he's truly doing something big and I sense something is up. We probably won't know for a few months on the announcement and sounds like there is talks again but I cannot really tell as Larry and him have been talking but I was not involved the conversation. 


               I know the viewership is low with Power Rangers Time Force and probably why the two of them are laying low with decision making for now. It is totally understandable and there are still 3 seasons to still cover before they decide but I can see the fact he's really worried about the viewership with the last one and I can see why. However he is up to no good and very sneaky and acting really off then usual so something is going to happen I just know it. It will happen in time but right now I cannot tell you anything because even I don't know what he is up to but the way the way he is wording his words and he is up to something but I just wanted to say this he is most definitely up to no good right now. We'll see and I will be watching him like a hawk... ha ha! I will see you all in the next post tomorrow. 

Jim, CBOTW Admin/Community Manager

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