Saturday, September 26, 2020

Going To Help Chris With His PGATour2k21

              I am going to help Chris with his PGA2k21 with his game since he has officially has not gotten his money back on the game cause it was hard, he wants to give it another shot and really try his hardest to get good at the game. He was good at the Tiger Woods PGA Golf when he played those many years ago when he had that along with MVP 2003 and NHL which he is going to have to tell the story how he stacked up the teams on both of those games as a throwback Thursday story. However I am going to tell him, the more he keeps on playing the higher the level he will be on the game and probably will become a better player too. I have to tell him that he needs to make sure he knows where he is aiming the shot before hitting and that is the one issue he has had with it. Also he has to work on his putting on there too as he's shown me footage of him playing the game and it's bad and he admits it too in his commentary that he is really bad at putting. He was openly joking around that his putting sucks in the real life version of the game and not sure why he made a reference to that honestly. 


                I am going to do my best to help him but he has to grind, grind, grind. I admit he isn't really bad just a few things that needs to be fixed and I know he is willing to work on the issues he is having. He wishes there was no glitch issues with NBA2K21 with the weird green screen at one point so there are bugs with the game but he has gotten 2K20 to try it to see if there is a difference but we will see. I will try to help him out and will play the game with him even I think it is possible to play against each other and maybe the best way to teach him but he will get better it will just take time. This is the first time he's actually play a sports game in a 2K series and he has openly said it is very different from Tiger Woods or NHL series of sports games. 

Jim, CBOTW Admin/CBOTW Community Manager

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