Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Don't Know Why TheDirector015 Isn't Also Banned On YouTube....

            As you guys know we're currently banned from the YouTube platform since I really messed up telling one of my ex staff to get it banned which I will get into but what surprises me is why the heck YouTube still has my other channel is still around. I mean you would think they would realize its the same owner of the channel but I guess this really gives me a chance to download and don't think that I'm not going to get the account banned because I will be getting it removed off their website once all the content is downloaded and put onto an external hard drive and I do not want that other account on YouTube as it has become part of my past being on YouTube and now my future is Blogging and Podcasts and growing this website from the ground up and we have been doing that and work so hard on a regular basis. I just want our old YouTube channel gone down the road. Actually I got our Community Manager to start downloading the videos and transferring it to me to store away. 

             I do have a plan with those videos involving a DVD version of the episodes.  That is later though but I want anything to do with our past erased from YouTube as we're now moving onto bigger and better things. However I haven't spoken much about why and i honestly do not even know why as I'm surprised that they haven't even remotely noticed that a similar account but I will work hard to get it removed from the platform. Plus the fact it is currently unused and abandoned.  I wish I knew why they have kept that channel but in time it will be gone and a mere thing of the past as myself and the team are very much happier where we are but it don't really explain why it still exists but who knows. That will be worked on later when it is time to get it removed from their website.


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