Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Yes I Still Around The YouTube Community!

              First of all yes! I am still around the YouTube Community even though I am now closing into 2 years since I left the platform as a content creator.  However I am still active on YouTube as a fan, I cannot comment on videos as I do not have an active channel however I can like videos that I enjoy watching but I am still around YouTube since I walked away from the platform as a content creator. I still get to enjoy my favorite creators such as KidBehindACamera, McJuggernuggets, Boogie2988, Daym Drops and so for. I had a goal in my mind to remain a loyal subscriber to those whom I am subscribed to. I've noticed I have subscribed to a few other YouTubers who are well known in the community, while also subscribed to a few Big Brother Canada former Houseguests, Kevin Martin, Pili, Peter and also Bruno as well. 

               I may not be putting out content to you guys on YouTube since I am now Podcasting on Audio ONLY and also this blog that you guys are reading right now, I have come to terms that my time with YouTube has come to an end and I am very much happier where I am to this day. Still being a part of the community it made me realize I left at the right time and I am happy I left when I did but I am there but more in spirit as I cannot really show it by comment but can show it by slapping a like to the videos I watch and enjoy. 

             Since my departure from YouTube, it has changed so much since I left, the Adpocalypse, the Family Friendly content, YouTube has changed so drastically and I thought it was always about the creators but seems now it seems to be about the advertising on videos. I can understand all that has gone on with the platform but it is different from when I started back on January 31st, 2008 which yes I realize this year it has been 10 years on YouTube officially and I never really spoken about 10 years on YouTube but that will be on a separate post later on this week. Finally I will never forget the people I met, the amazing supporters and fans I had on the platforms, the haters, the jealous people. It was home to one of the most amazing series I created and I will never forget that ever for the rest of my life.


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