Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Day Larry Flipped Off The Camera...

          I will never forget this day and it is kind of appropriate for a Throwback Thursday Story as Larry and I are under the same roof for the next 24 hours for the Big Brother Canada 6 Finale and this is only fitting to bring Larry into the picture as both him and I have spoken about him flipping off the camera during  a filming of my web series.

           So this goes back to The Entertainment Man Talk Show seasons 5 or 6, it is hard to remember, I believe it was the Finale for Season 5 actually as it was the last episode of the 5th season which is now a loss season along with Season 6 as well. I did my final sign off which mind you I plan on going back to my old sign off on my podcasts like the old days as it was a popular sign off for me. Anyways I did my sign off and Larry and he came into the camera with his drink as he decided to flip off the camera. At first I was pissed with him the fact he gave the middle finger so I wasn't one bit happy whatsoever. Now you're going to ask me, Chris why didn't you re shoot the final closing? We did it in one take and I didn't know he flipped off the camera until it was placed up onto YouTube and I replayed it on YouTube myself. I was like oh crap, he really did that didn't he? It was too late as it was already published on YouTube.

             Did we get into trouble with YouTube? No, we were lucky to get away with it actually. We got no comments whatsoever mentioning Larry's action on the camera as we tried to keep the episodes clean and appropriate for YouTube. Looking back at this situation and memory of the episode that is now lost forever as I never saved any episodes whatsoever. But I have some regrets not watching back the clips as I edited and I should of always look back at what was filmed before releasing it publicly as I did not want to offend you guys in anyway shape or form so it was a major mistake I made and I think if that was on YouTube now, it would probably be labeled as not family friendly content and would be restricted on the platform. So I now know to edit the content before posting up any podcast/interview or blog contents.


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