Friday, May 11, 2018

How I Try and Stay Positive

         I know I have covered and touched base on this subject before and I want to approach this a bit different then usual. As you know the site has been the biggest on going problem for me to getting up and running again and I want to talk about how I am keeping a positive attitude with my site getting on my last nerves. I am trying to keep a positive attitude with the site work starting to drag me down. I need to remain positive and enthusiastic during this process, it is a very, very long process and it will be a long process between now and 2019 as this move to the new provider for right now, it's not permanent. At least as I figure for now. I am trying to remain positive with the IP blocker tool erasing the bans I put on the website and I already notified the provider of the issue, but more then likely I will be moving to the new provider, this is only temporary till end of the year when I start the re-build process begins and move to the permanent home for good. No more problems whatsoever as of January 2019.

           I however am starting to show, more and more patience and positivity. I realize it comes in handy to have, especially with the site taking such a very long time to build again but soon it is coming back with positivity and patience. There is no real reason to stay negative as it will not get you anywhere in life especially.Being positive also is part of being patience, that will help you in the long run as well as well. How do I stay positive? I try to turn the negative into a positive thought or thoughts that will help me. Being negative is not a good thing, just makes the situation harder to stay positive, it just keeps on piling up negative after negative and just makes the situation much more tougher to come out of. So yes turn the negatives into a positive. Also problem solving the situation first so it helps before the negativity comes into play. Also attitude is another part of staying attitude. I know in the last month or so, my attitude towards has not been the greatest and attitude comes a long way to staying positive. Good Attitude, positivity and patience are the 3 basic things that keeps me in that positive mind of frame. Also you won't go far with being negative whatsoever, you will not feel motivated and that is how I was for a while, not motivated to get things done.

            I hope this makes somewhat some sense to you guys and helps you understand how I am trying to stay positive and IF you are not being positive try my advice above. Mind you I am not a professional at this topic but hey any advice is good advice I think. Over the last 4 months I have been in a more positive mood as there is stuff to get done. I am now in my happy place, I will talk about that in a different blog post hopefully next week. Thank you for reading today's blog post or any of my posts and have a great rest of your day!.


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