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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Yesterday Was A Huge Success!

              Yesterday's get together was a huge success! We had a lot of fun yesterday. We took care of him signing all the podcast notes from the past 2 years worth of work and it felt like it was a ton of work honestly. We had lunch and I can tell you all we both had Taco Bell. There was a ton of Power Rangers Talk and what we both heard with certain seasons which honestly feeds us more ideas for one off podcasts. Yes the discussion for what will happen to our collab was brought up and that is most definitely on our mind right now. Still a lot to discuss and do before 2024 hits but we're discussing things. The fact we were in person discussing things it was better then just on Messenger or Skype call to talk about things in person. I think it is always better to discuss things in person then online. It is a different feeling to be quite honest. Not surprised him bringing up the collab and Larry made a joke about all the paper and one of the facilitators from our program back in College which would make a great blog post Monday how him and I first met and definitely will do a post.         
        However we are as bad as we have used a ton of paper and this project has taken up a lot of resources and paper is one of them. Anyways I also told Larry that I peeked at our original notes from our first season that we did back then and how far we have gone with this entire podcast. Was neat to come back to those notes and just talk about it especially with our anniversary is a month away as of Monday so we discussed and talked about it. I gave him some information on the bus route and how it has changed since he has been over this way to the studio which is now little over 2 years now. Either way we have a good time, like I always say, good time, with good company. I am looking forward to his return to the studio in June but still work to do to get ready for his return and I mean making sure the studio is spot on ready for his return. Also that we have Super Samurai finished up and of those two seasons are up and released before we record our 4th Anniversary podcast. Anyways that is my post for today, hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will talk to you all Monday!


Thursday, July 22, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Studio Grand Re-Opening

                   I know with the pandemic (COVID-19) Larry and I were not able to do an official Grand-Re-Opening upon the completion of the renovations, we were already in lockdown because of the state of the world so with Larry and I are soon to reunite after nearly 2 years of not seeing each other in person, we are planning to do the Official Grand Re-Opening and we are planning to go big with the Grand Re-Opening. We are planning to stream to both the Facebook Group and Instagram Live on my accounts to celebrate the return to a more normal activities returning and we kind of have an idea when but we are waiting till restrictions are more lifted in the area. Not just the Grand Re-Opening but it's a celebration of be re-united back together and being able to see one another. It will be probably just the two of us as I do not wanna go too big at the start and I wanna make sure we are still safe regardless as we went through a heck of a long. 

                   There will be no recording till February 2022 as that is the next one and not 100% sure if we will be back together as of yet but this is depending when restrictions are lowered down greatly and we are able to visit without masks but we will giving you guys a ton of notice when it's going to happen and when we decide to be back together again with one another. Either way I am excited to be doing this grand re-opening soon enough and it will be time to celebrate the return to hopefully some normalcy which really there isn't going to be a normal its more the new normal now and will be the new normal for all of us. Stay tune on further development on this bit of news, I will try and keep you guys up to date as much as I can.


Friday, July 16, 2021

Larry's Not Going Anywhere!

                After last night, I can say this, Larry isn't going anywhere anytime soon! As you know I did some research to find out there is a possibility that Power Rangers could be cancelled after 28 Seasons which we hope it isn't. Larry and I reviewed our schedule and we are timetabled till February 2023 at this point with Power Rangers Dino Fury being the most recent season. I am not going to say it's over, I am just going to wait it out. The reason we met on Skype which you guys didn't know this was an actual thing going down last night. We spent a good 2.5 hours on a call coming up with some of the ideas. We came up with 21 Power Rangers One Off Podcast ideas which will keep you guys happy for a little while. Also we have 2 new series ideas that could be a great idea down the road and one of them is indeed Ghostwriter TV Series that I have actually mentioned before in the past and it is no rumor, it is totally true.

              One last thing I wanna address is whenever Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast does end and it will happen I'm sure one day down the road but what matters right now is the podcast is here for now and when that days comes, Larry and I are going to be taking a break from TV Series for up to 6 months, maybe up to an entire year. It depends how long we need to take a break from longer series. However we will probably from time to time do some of our movies and other collaborations I am sure we will do one here and there but what really does matter is Larry isn't going anywhere, he is continuing to be a part of the CBOTW Content Team and excited to collaborate with him on other amazing podcasts. I am not going to tell you guys exactly the topics yet but I will be sure to tell you guys soon as we reach that point. I wanted to let you guys know, we got a plan moving forward. Till Monday, have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 28, 2020

5 Years Ago Yesterday, Larry and I Had Our First Big Brother Canada Finale! (Throwback Thursday Story)

                  5 years ago today, Larry and I started this annual Big Brother Canada Finales and I believe we started in the early years, Season 3 which is like 5 years ago. Mind you when we started doing those, Everything About Reality TV was in preliminary stages and under a complete different name and what not! Everything About Reality TV was 4 months later when it existed so we weren't doing Finale Recaps till Season 4 the following year when we were still on YouTube. So we had no pressure whatsoever especially after. Non of that was in existence yet! So we got to sit back and relax and enjoy the finale. Now 2016 and on that was when he came over for them then that was a lot of fun recaps and honestly we can admit not just the finale itself we enjoyed but the Finale chat podcasts that we did which is a tradition now each and every year minus this year as there was no finale due to essential services were only and Big Brother Canada was forced to end production so this was the first time in 5 years we did not get together but this would of been our 5th year but either way we're still considering this our 5th year even without a Finale. 

                 I remember one Finale we got ourselves Ketchup Doritos which I haven't really seen around the store or we made popcorn at the house. I remember one year he was snoring so damn loud I smacked him with my pillow LOL! Oh the memories honestly! I know he missed coming over for it this year but hopefully next year we can make this happen again and get back to it. I know you guys missed him on a podcast this year but he is going to be on a Podcast sooner then you know it! Few weeks time you will be hearing his voice whether we will be live or just recorded but we are making it up to you guys for this year. Don't worry I'm sure there will be more Finales and I am sure the show will be returning in 2021 as I've read up they are planning a 9th season. It was just unfortunate this happened this year but it is what it is and production made the right choice.

- Chris

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Day Larry Flipped Off The Camera...

          I will never forget this day and it is kind of appropriate for a Throwback Thursday Story as Larry and I are under the same roof for the next 24 hours for the Big Brother Canada 6 Finale and this is only fitting to bring Larry into the picture as both him and I have spoken about him flipping off the camera during  a filming of my web series.

           So this goes back to The Entertainment Man Talk Show seasons 5 or 6, it is hard to remember, I believe it was the Finale for Season 5 actually as it was the last episode of the 5th season which is now a loss season along with Season 6 as well. I did my final sign off which mind you I plan on going back to my old sign off on my podcasts like the old days as it was a popular sign off for me. Anyways I did my sign off and Larry and he came into the camera with his drink as he decided to flip off the camera. At first I was pissed with him the fact he gave the middle finger so I wasn't one bit happy whatsoever. Now you're going to ask me, Chris why didn't you re shoot the final closing? We did it in one take and I didn't know he flipped off the camera until it was placed up onto YouTube and I replayed it on YouTube myself. I was like oh crap, he really did that didn't he? It was too late as it was already published on YouTube.

             Did we get into trouble with YouTube? No, we were lucky to get away with it actually. We got no comments whatsoever mentioning Larry's action on the camera as we tried to keep the episodes clean and appropriate for YouTube. Looking back at this situation and memory of the episode that is now lost forever as I never saved any episodes whatsoever. But I have some regrets not watching back the clips as I edited and I should of always look back at what was filmed before releasing it publicly as I did not want to offend you guys in anyway shape or form so it was a major mistake I made and I think if that was on YouTube now, it would probably be labeled as not family friendly content and would be restricted on the platform. So I now know to edit the content before posting up any podcast/interview or blog contents.