Saturday, April 30, 2022

Yesterday Was A Huge Success!

              Yesterday's get together was a huge success! We had a lot of fun yesterday. We took care of him signing all the podcast notes from the past 2 years worth of work and it felt like it was a ton of work honestly. We had lunch and I can tell you all we both had Taco Bell. There was a ton of Power Rangers Talk and what we both heard with certain seasons which honestly feeds us more ideas for one off podcasts. Yes the discussion for what will happen to our collab was brought up and that is most definitely on our mind right now. Still a lot to discuss and do before 2024 hits but we're discussing things. The fact we were in person discussing things it was better then just on Messenger or Skype call to talk about things in person. I think it is always better to discuss things in person then online. It is a different feeling to be quite honest. Not surprised him bringing up the collab and Larry made a joke about all the paper and one of the facilitators from our program back in College which would make a great blog post Monday how him and I first met and definitely will do a post.         
        However we are as bad as we have used a ton of paper and this project has taken up a lot of resources and paper is one of them. Anyways I also told Larry that I peeked at our original notes from our first season that we did back then and how far we have gone with this entire podcast. Was neat to come back to those notes and just talk about it especially with our anniversary is a month away as of Monday so we discussed and talked about it. I gave him some information on the bus route and how it has changed since he has been over this way to the studio which is now little over 2 years now. Either way we have a good time, like I always say, good time, with good company. I am looking forward to his return to the studio in June but still work to do to get ready for his return and I mean making sure the studio is spot on ready for his return. Also that we have Super Samurai finished up and of those two seasons are up and released before we record our 4th Anniversary podcast. Anyways that is my post for today, hope you enjoyed this post and enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will talk to you all Monday!


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