Friday, April 29, 2022

End of The Week Updates! [04-29-2022]

               Well another week of struggles and drama continues. I was having a lot of doubts with ChrisBOnTheWeb but somehow made it through this week of dramaticness. Anyways here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: I have recorded two episodes one for Sunday and one for next Thursday as I will be busy with Power Rangers Collab preparing the next collab and editing the Samurai season that is recorded but hasn't been edited so I am ahead of schedule. 

Chaoticness of ChrisBOnTheWeb: With Entertainment Man Podcast quieter now I have been able to try and get things back under control, including getting things back on track with content and working on Entertainment Man Podcast episodes. I think I got things back under control and got two Mods that are helping watching over things for us. 

Website: With the Survivor Podcast out of the picture now week and a half later almost, I had to remove things off the website, Team Page is removed, Partners Page has been removed off the site and the 3rd podcast we had is now completely removed as I said before. So any audio only has been deleted all together. Support chat has been added back and removed days later and turned into a normal everyday chat as it was used but also abused so it is a normal chat and our Moderators continue to monitor it but it is launching soon!

Power Rangers Collab: Will be working on Super Samurai as of Sunday and hoping to get it done by mid week then typing it for the next 5 days and sent out by May 13th to Larry for the last time which this may be the last one via Skype hopefully ever as we return to Studio still aiming for June of this year. More coming on that later. 

               Anyways that is the updates for the week, I will be back tomorrow with a post about my time with Larry and will be posting up pictures tomorrow as I posted enough this morning with updates and this afternoon at 12:15 pm EST I will be posting some pics up of the craziness of the studio late last night so stay tuned for that updates as well and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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