Tuesday, May 8, 2018

How Do I Deal With Pain?

                 I would like to start this blog post with, you guys know I have been dealing with back spasms lately on both sides of my back so, how do I deal with pain, it doesn't matter where the pain is but how do I deal with it in general? Well I will tell you I have a pillow behind my back ever since I had spasms. Also I will take Tylenol which does help me with the pain when it gets bad but recently it has been better then it was back in the early half of last month. Also for the muscle or spasms as I got right now, I used either Icy Blue or A535  for the pain, also if I do not use the rub stuff which I am not suppose to use the rub stuff and the heating pad but on it's own I use where it goes in your chair, it has the heat and massage feature which actually did help with it as well. 

               Finally in this short blog post for today, I also started at the start of the month of April exercises, like the Pelvic tilt, Knee Curl and what not and it helps a lot with the pain and the pain has subsided and it only hurts with getting off the ground now and off my bed so exercising 2 - 3 times a day and it helps me with the pain in the back not a pain in the butt.... LOL. But exercise is good to do, especially when you have muscle pains or spasm, it helps to stretch out the muscles and get them elasticized and moving again. When i exercise I try to do it Morning and the evening. and if I have time to add in the afternoon for exercises as well to ensure I get them done. That is how I deal with pain and I am sorry if this is a very short and sweet post but I found this post hard to write. 


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