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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Taught My Community Manager How To Do HTML!

           I have been doing is mentoring my Community Manager, Kelsie, big shoutout to her especially keeping things afloat while I was off for the weekend and maybe I will do that once a month but that is not the point of this post but I have been teaching her how to do HTML code which is the basis on this website. I plan on teaching her the menu bar code and the CSS eventually as she's asked me how it is done and the website is built which I have no problem telling people. I really have her brother to thank as he helped build the first ever menu bar back in 2016 when the transition to podcasting full time was made. 

        So I even have given her the opportunity to try it herself on a notepad on her computer and I took the code and put it on a side test and how easy it works out for her. I even showed her what happens when you put a broken code the craziness it causes to all the text. So this way she knows what happens if you screw up the code like I've done hundreds of time and the fact I had to redo the entire code. I love teaching people things and one of the reasons this blog and Entertainment Man exists right now is to teach you what I know. Maybe I will teach you the basis in the coming weeks but that is the post for today and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Rumors About Me Returning To YouTube

                The rumor is true, I am planning on returning to YouTube but non of the network's podcasts. No it is not a personal Channel or anything. After Talking to Chloe, talking to Larry, talking to Amy, pretty much my entire team over the course of the last week or 2, I was thinking about the entire thing with the video stuff that was here on, it was time to return to doing videos even on a weekly or even biweekly basis, meaning once or twice a week and one of those days being Saturday as Saturday has 0 content and not a lot happens on Saturdays for us and right now with events starting back up not fully but partially, there will be not as often in Blog posts at this time.  The other day, I cannot tell you when at this moment and I do not know the entire extent to what the plans are and I will be talking to Amy this week but not sure what day whether it is today or tomorrow but depends as this week has been a busy week for us.

                 You can expect, Behind The Scenes here in the studio, ChrisBOnTheWeb related stuff, Entertainment Man Podcast, Power Rangers Collab and The After Show With Amy F Behind the Scenes. So it will not just be me but my team will have access to this channel to upload to YouTube. It will be linked through this website, ChrisBOnTheWeb and  Amy F Online so in the way of promotion we will be having a ton of ways and traffic to both sites. There will be no live streams at the moment as it is or will be a brand new channel on YouTube but eventually I will go that route down the road I'm sure. Now the start date more then likely a week from now we will be launching this channel just need some time to design it and set it up talk to my team some more and other stuff. That is my post for today, hope you enjoyed it and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Saturday, January 8, 2022

Updates & Changes To My Team

 Now I know I have said I will do a blog once and a while and this happens to fit the category of this has to come out today, not tomorrow. As you probably noticed my site admin is no longer listed on the team page and probably still following this blog post but I could care less anyways. So with their departure suddenly leaves a gap in my team and I can say this, I am not replacing her whatsoever. I've tried time and time again to have someone on to help me maintain this website and it hasn't worked out whatsoever for me in the end. So moving forward the two main people behind the ChrisBOnTheWeb content is myself and Larry for podcasts and you will hear my Moderators on the podcast moving forward as their both going to be on the show eventually and Amy being sooner then you expect this upcoming week I will be speaking to her about The Video Projects Team. So Moderators I have a list of mods which can be found on or here is the list:

ChrisBOnTheWeb Founder/Owner:


ChrisBOnTheWeb Moderators:

Larry, FB Group & YouTube Channel Moderator & Senior Producer/Co-Host of Power Rangers Collab

Amy, FB Group & YouTube Channel Moderator 

Jeff, FB Group & YouTube Channel Moderator 

                   There is the list moving forward and there is so many changes it is hard to say in one post but I am just tired in general of the crap as I feel like it is The Video Projects Team all over again and sorry to say this to my Alum, Amy, Larry, Justin, Eric and Jeff and yes I do consider Jeff an Alumni as he volunteered when there was a chatroom back in the day. I am taking control before this gets way out of control and I do not want it out of control and only I can take control, remember I'm the boss. Anyways that is this special blog post for today, I will talk to you all Monday!


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Who's Who On The Staff?

         There has been so many questions and I am making this very quick post as we are swamped with work right now, but the question you guys have is who is who when it comes to our Staff right now as so much has changed since Everything About Reality TV ended:

ChrisBOnTheWeb Staff:

Chris (Founder/Owner)- Founded and Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb.
Sophie- Me (Community Manager)- In charge of our Facebook and Twitter and overall helps the community if they have any questions and you can find me in the chat Monday - Fridays, 9 am - 5 pm EST I am always in there.
Larry (Co-FounderSenior Advisor)- Been with ChrisBOnTheWeb since the beginning and is the Co-Founder of ChrisBOnTheWeb and isn't really staff but is in conversations for everything ChrisBOnTheWeb.
Billy (Senior Advisor)- One of the 2 advisors for Programming to help Chris make the tough decision for everything around going on around the website and ChrisBOnTheWeb.

Billy (Senior Advisor)- Advises Chris along with Larry with everything Chris B On The Web, that involves decisions to make within the website.

Entertainment Man Podcast (2020 - PRESENT):

Chris (Executive Producer/Host)- Title says it all, Executive Producer/Host of his own personal podcast.

Power Rangers Podcast Collab (2018 - PRESENT):

Chris (Executive Producer/Host)-
Executive Producer/Host and oversees the operation and planning of the podcast.
Larry (Senior Producer/Co-Host)-
Senior Producer and helps with the decisions and Chris's right hand on projects as well. He is also is the Co-Host of the podcasts.

Sports Talk With The Bulldog (TBA):

Billy (Executive Producer/Host)- Executive Producer and Host of this future podcast.
Chris (Senior Advisor)- Senior Advisor and helps behind the scenes and can fulfill fill in host if Billy is unable to come on.

              There will be more information coming to the projects below and once we know what is up then we will be sure to update but exciting things happening and excited to be adding into the website and Chris is very excited on all of this and wishes he can post this personally but as I said he is very busy person. He hopes to return soon and he will know by Friday night when he is returning to the daily posts.

Sophie, Community Manager

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

So Proud of My Team!

             Despite the changes with CBOTW involving COVID-19, I am proud of my team. We have made progress to fixing things from our own homes despite the studio being locked down to me only in the studio while this virus is happening. I know I haven't been the easiest person to get along with recently but my team has been nothing but amazing helping out as much as they can with things and it is nothing but a uphill battle from here. As you know I am watching Big Brother Canada and getting ready to start recording. I have most of the teams support minus one person which I have to try and convince him this is the best move for me.  I know my team is understanding and even my team stepped up with Everything About Reality TV.  Meaning Billy will eventually be taking over the Survivor Recaps hopefully in the fall and we hope to stay in the same scheduling but that is for a later date to be discussed as we haven't talked about that yet along with the collaboration podcast. Not just Staff but my Alumni have been a big help with things with some of the tough decisions that I have had to make recently with the changes that have been implemented.

              Either or, I consider even my alumni part of the team as they have even voiced their opinions especially at this really hard times that we are going through. Either way we are hanging in there and able to deal with some of the craziness and as long as we continue to communicate with one another we should definitely be OK over the next few weeks. Right now we are taking things one day at a time and when things get better which already are improving a tad as we haven't had as many cases of the virus today which is a improvement and let's hope it can stay this way moving forward. Right now the team and I are  discussing things for the remainder of April, May and June and how it will be affecting us in a big way as some production may end up halted. I'm fearing that Power Rangers Podcast will not happen now but least my team got my back and are there for me. My team and myself are in this together and going to try and keep things moving.


Friday, December 20, 2019

Staff List (Late 2019 - 2020)

               Today is an joyous day as I announce the list of the Staff and Alumni for late 2019 and into 2020 and the departments. Now there is a bunch of departments but I will be listing off the individuals that are involved and where you can find them in mostly:


  • Chris- Founder/Owner; Exec Producer/Host of Everything About Reality TV Podcast Survivor/Amazing Race/Amazing Race Canada; Blogger. Been On The Team Since: November 2014
  • Billy- Exec Producer/Host of The Sports Hour W/ Billy Podcast (Fridays @ 2 pm EST) Been On The Team Since: December 1st, 2019
  • Jasmine- Host of Big Brother Canada & Big Brother US Recaps Been On The Team Since: December 15th, 2019
  • CBOTW Team- Can be seen in the chatroom here on from time to time when Chris is unavailable to keep an eye out on the chatroom so you can see them active in the chatroom. Been On The Team Since: November 15th, 2019

  • Larry- Alumni; Blogger; Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcasts 2 - 3 times a  year since 2018. Been On The Team Since:  June 2013 , Left: January 2016  Returned In Alum Status: June 1st, 2018

                   There's our Staff and Alumni on the list and we are so happy to have them aboard. 2020 is going to be huge for ChrisBOnTheWeb. As most of you know he has been planning in the back of his mind for quite sometime and it is all coming together. He has mentioned there is more information is coming for the newest member of Everything About Reality TV in the New Year with more information on the addition to Everything About Reality TV Podcast.

- Chris

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Do I Have No Regrets Dismantling The CBOTW Team?

           Now this is an odd post and I do not think I've ever covered this since letting go my team that was behind me...  Well Justin Milner and I came to a consensus that we both agreed at this point of everything that has happened to the team the last while for me to go on my own as I honestly didn't have a position or jobs he can do within Chris B On The Web Studios, but I had one when the studio gets re-designed I was going to get him to help me move around but we ended the team before the team broke up entirely but I got a couple of offers to help move the studio around to it's new setup. When 2017 came around, I started to think maybe its it time to go on my own without the help of Justin as the plans with Jeff from the US went up the creek without a paddle. So over the winter and the spring I started to think you know Justin has helped to the best of his ability to get me setup with the podcasts and for success and I think it's gone so well, I am ready to take the next step up and get this studio fixed up and re design the setup of my space. 

             So do I got any regrets? No, not at all. I actually find myself very productive now and able to do things for myself and able to keep organized and caught up on things. I may of been behind several but I persevered and got it done and kept up on the work load day in, day out. I think going on my own was the greatest move I've made and I have no regrets, but I am thankful for the team I once have to keeping me going with the project, YouTube, website, continuing to make quality content, whether I have a team or not, I am becoming a force to be Reckon with. It's not only having a team, its the fans that is keeping me going to this day and I am forever grateful for such amazing supporters and fans. It has been a whirlwind of changes in the last year, changing from YouTube to Blogs and Podcasts, to having no team anymore but I am becoming a pro at being on my own but not only that but showing a lot more independence on my own. I made the big move at the right time and I know you guys back me up 150% also Krissy, Justin Dave and Larry as well. The ERA of having a team may be over but this is not the end of Chris B On The Web.