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Friday, December 20, 2019

Staff List (Late 2019 - 2020)

               Today is an joyous day as I announce the list of the Staff and Alumni for late 2019 and into 2020 and the departments. Now there is a bunch of departments but I will be listing off the individuals that are involved and where you can find them in mostly:


  • Chris- Founder/Owner; Exec Producer/Host of Everything About Reality TV Podcast Survivor/Amazing Race/Amazing Race Canada; Blogger. Been On The Team Since: November 2014
  • Billy- Exec Producer/Host of The Sports Hour W/ Billy Podcast (Fridays @ 2 pm EST) Been On The Team Since: December 1st, 2019
  • Jasmine- Host of Big Brother Canada & Big Brother US Recaps Been On The Team Since: December 15th, 2019
  • CBOTW Team- Can be seen in the chatroom here on from time to time when Chris is unavailable to keep an eye out on the chatroom so you can see them active in the chatroom. Been On The Team Since: November 15th, 2019

  • Larry- Alumni; Blogger; Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcasts 2 - 3 times a  year since 2018. Been On The Team Since:  June 2013 , Left: January 2016  Returned In Alum Status: June 1st, 2018

                   There's our Staff and Alumni on the list and we are so happy to have them aboard. 2020 is going to be huge for ChrisBOnTheWeb. As most of you know he has been planning in the back of his mind for quite sometime and it is all coming together. He has mentioned there is more information is coming for the newest member of Everything About Reality TV in the New Year with more information on the addition to Everything About Reality TV Podcast.

- Chris

Friday, December 6, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Logo Has Been Re-Branded?!

      That's right our own podcast, Everything About Reality TV Podcast has officially been re-branded with a brand new and more sleeker looking logo and I really like that we re-branded the logo and honestly it has a sleek look and it really pops out for us. Now there is another reason behind the logo change. As you know the original logo was blue and the CBOTW brand is blue so in a way it really confuses the hell of you guys and myself and my team. So this way we still got majority of the original colors minus the tint of blue is now a more a baby blue color with the letters highlighted in white which like I said really pops it out. So I am excited to put it across all the platforms in the very nearby future and I will get to the date shortly in this post. So there is the reason behind why I decided to change the color scheme a bit with the podcast and honestly I like this color scheme too. Also as you know EAR TV (short for Everything About Reality TV) just celebrated it's 4th anniversary on the air as a podcast which brings me to 2020 will be our 5th year on the Air which is quite an accomplishment honestly so this also honors the 5 years it's been on despite me almost pulling it off the year this year. 

          I know, I know! Chris, you're rambling on and get to the point! OK the point is I think it was long overdue even with it only being 2 years since the logo change but I have been thinking about it lately and it is definitely time and it fits what I have been thinking for the last couple of days to a week or so ago. I felt like the old logo which is still seen across all the platforms right now is plain meh. So when is the new logo coming out across all the platforms the podcast is currently on? January 1st, 2020 I will be coming in my studio to do the entire changes and should appear on all the platforms within a few hours but I will be checking all platforms the next day and if any update needs to be done I will be getting that fixed soon as possible but we will see when it is done and soon as it is all set then I will be sending out links that all platforms are updated. 


Sunday, November 17, 2019

Inspired To Do Something That I Should of Kept Doing!

          Yesterday, I got inspired to do something that I thought I wouldn't do in the time since the announcement of Everything About Reality TV, you can tell something is up as now I have a poll on both the Facebook Fan Page and Twitter if you guys want to vote, YOUR VOTE counts to it returning! Yes You GUYS the fans been emailing up the wall about it returning I know majority of the platforms the podcast is no longer on half the platforms but one of the platforms that I never thought about being on is IHeartRadio which is amazing! I never thought my podcast would ever get on that platform and nor I never requested it! It just got picked up actually. I kind of been feeling this was going to happen where you guys were going to request it to come back after the 12th season so thank-you! You GUYS asked for it and it is coming! Season 13 is coming soon to a Computer or Device near you! Now the plan right now is to just finish this season first then decided whats next and right now there is no set schedule as of right now for the next season as the follow I do know and don't know:

Amazing Race 32- Could compete against Survivor 40 or it could be in May like it was last year but by New Year, we should know a ton more information.

Survivor 40- All Winners Season- No secret it is all past winners coming back to fight for the title once again and I am thrilled the podcast is back for another season especially to host Survivor 40 Recaps on the Podcast too! Date for this to start is Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 Which means recaps are back on Thursday February 13th, 2020 at 9 pm EST!

Big Brother Canada 8- No date as of yet and plus auditions just closed so the date we will find out end of January some time into February at the most when the show is on the air again for Season 8.

           Either way I am excited to be continuing for this podcast despite whatever mixed feelings I am damn well having right now but this is what you guys wanted and I plan on continuing on despite I am feeling done still even with the burst of inspiration to continue I am doing this for you guys and I am happy it's continuing just kind of overwhelmed with fact I do not have any of the off season podcast ideas as I scrapped them and I should of kept them but I didn't so now I am paying the price for it and same with what I said before almost half are now off due to the fact I had em removed. Now I have requested it to re appear on Castbox and also Spotify but the ones you see on the Everything About Reality TV Podcast Page is the one will be available to you guys. Finally once this poll is finished on Saturday afternoon and we get closer to the finale  I will be making an announcement via video to say it is officially back and hopefully I have some answers for when the new season begins and when I will start recording off season podcasts too down the road. 


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Plan for Everything About Reality TV Podcast In January 2020!

                 I know I have spoken about this last week or so and I know I was himming and hawing what the plan will be and today I have made the decision since there hasn't been an announcement for a Music City or Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 for both respected series so I am going with the go ahead with the following plan for production of the Podcast in the new year:

1) Plans to get a second host involved with Everything About Reality TV Podcast are in the works and there will be nothing really done on the podcast but I am sure there will be a podcast to introduce the new host and talk to them and maybe even do a Big Brother Off Season Podcast as a way to introduce them to You Guys the fan base who will be taking it over. I am excited to be taking this step to growing the Everything About Reality TV Podcast team and excited to what is going to be happening next.

2) Starting January 7th, 2020 since there is no Music City or Celebrity Big Brother US in the New Year I will be doing a podcast every second week while we are in between the podcast and yes it will be a definitely be a Tuesday and I will be adding onto the schedule here on the website and right now I still have to decide to what episodes I will be doing and I think it will definitely be at random at the most. I do plan to be active still on the podcast however not on a weekly basis more like every second week and do not forget I will be looking at auditions and picking the next Podcast host for the Big Brother Recaps.

                So there is the announcement and it is exciting stuff to be coming up for the podcast in 2020 and I will be working on the new host part and the preparation stages for it and I am not sure how it will work but I am going to figure that out and have a few months to get all the information together. What I can tell you guys right now that the new host will be hosting Big Brother Canada, Season 8 & Big Brother US 22 then we will be up to decide if they want to continue on with us if there is a Big Brother Canada 9 and if they is a Big Brother US 23 but will not go that far yet but it is up for negotiation especially if we see a 9th season of BBCan down the road. Final thing I would like to say is yes I am stepping back from the Big Brother Recaps in 2020 as I want to mainly focus on Survivor, Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada and I also want grow the team a bit and after 4 years on the air, I definitely think it is time to grow the team! 


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Episode 200 for Everything About Reality TV is Close!

            Well with the 180th episode now recorded, I am officially 20 episodes away from the 200th and yes I cannot wait for it to happen. I still cannot believe it has been just over a year since the 100th aired last year in February of last year. The podcast is in it's 3rd year On Air, an year on YouTube and nearly 2.5 years on the Audio ONLY platforms which is 12 different platforms the podcast is now on, which I appreciate them having my podcast on there and one of them, I am featured on there which probably is why the podcast has gotten more views now but were slowly getting known out there that this podcast but slowly but surely it is getting there. It does take time but 200 episodes is an incredible to be at this point, I never thought this day would be come. I have never done this many episodes before, even when I had that web series long time ago back on the YouTube from 2008 - 2016. Anyways I am derailing myself from the topic at hand. However I am tying it the number which I believe it was 112 and with Everything About Reality TV it has surpassed it way passed it as this seems to be a very stable and honestly I have enjoyed it so far, it is a lot of fun to talk Reality TV several times a week as the schedule changes from week to week like I said previously.

             I have said this on social media, I am not making overly a big deal with the 200th episode. I mean, I just do not want to do special episodes every 100 episodes, I want to save that for the 500th episode down the road which is a long way off. However I have said it before this podcast is not going anywhere anytime soon! It is indeed here to stay as I enjoy the podcast and I have ideas for the future including a possible return to a platform where I started my media but down the road not right now as I not 100% sure on the decision but I am thinking about it for the future indefinitely. I would like to wrap up this post by saying thank-you to each and everyone of you guys for the love and support you guys have given me over the years the podcast being on the air. It has been a fun and quite an journey from the start to this point where I am this close to the 200th episode.