Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Plan for Everything About Reality TV Podcast In January 2020!

                 I know I have spoken about this last week or so and I know I was himming and hawing what the plan will be and today I have made the decision since there hasn't been an announcement for a Music City or Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 for both respected series so I am going with the go ahead with the following plan for production of the Podcast in the new year:

1) Plans to get a second host involved with Everything About Reality TV Podcast are in the works and there will be nothing really done on the podcast but I am sure there will be a podcast to introduce the new host and talk to them and maybe even do a Big Brother Off Season Podcast as a way to introduce them to You Guys the fan base who will be taking it over. I am excited to be taking this step to growing the Everything About Reality TV Podcast team and excited to what is going to be happening next.

2) Starting January 7th, 2020 since there is no Music City or Celebrity Big Brother US in the New Year I will be doing a podcast every second week while we are in between the podcast and yes it will be a definitely be a Tuesday and I will be adding onto the schedule here on the website and right now I still have to decide to what episodes I will be doing and I think it will definitely be at random at the most. I do plan to be active still on the podcast however not on a weekly basis more like every second week and do not forget I will be looking at auditions and picking the next Podcast host for the Big Brother Recaps.

                So there is the announcement and it is exciting stuff to be coming up for the podcast in 2020 and I will be working on the new host part and the preparation stages for it and I am not sure how it will work but I am going to figure that out and have a few months to get all the information together. What I can tell you guys right now that the new host will be hosting Big Brother Canada, Season 8 & Big Brother US 22 then we will be up to decide if they want to continue on with us if there is a Big Brother Canada 9 and if they is a Big Brother US 23 but will not go that far yet but it is up for negotiation especially if we see a 9th season of BBCan down the road. Final thing I would like to say is yes I am stepping back from the Big Brother Recaps in 2020 as I want to mainly focus on Survivor, Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada and I also want grow the team a bit and after 4 years on the air, I definitely think it is time to grow the team! 


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