Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Rumors About Me Returning To YouTube

                The rumor is true, I am planning on returning to YouTube but non of the network's podcasts. No it is not a personal Channel or anything. After Talking to Chloe, talking to Larry, talking to Amy, pretty much my entire team over the course of the last week or 2, I was thinking about the entire thing with the video stuff that was here on, it was time to return to doing videos even on a weekly or even biweekly basis, meaning once or twice a week and one of those days being Saturday as Saturday has 0 content and not a lot happens on Saturdays for us and right now with events starting back up not fully but partially, there will be not as often in Blog posts at this time.  The other day, I cannot tell you when at this moment and I do not know the entire extent to what the plans are and I will be talking to Amy this week but not sure what day whether it is today or tomorrow but depends as this week has been a busy week for us.

                 You can expect, Behind The Scenes here in the studio, ChrisBOnTheWeb related stuff, Entertainment Man Podcast, Power Rangers Collab and The After Show With Amy F Behind the Scenes. So it will not just be me but my team will have access to this channel to upload to YouTube. It will be linked through this website, ChrisBOnTheWeb and  Amy F Online so in the way of promotion we will be having a ton of ways and traffic to both sites. There will be no live streams at the moment as it is or will be a brand new channel on YouTube but eventually I will go that route down the road I'm sure. Now the start date more then likely a week from now we will be launching this channel just need some time to design it and set it up talk to my team some more and other stuff. That is my post for today, hope you enjoyed it and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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