Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Who's Who On The Staff?

         There has been so many questions and I am making this very quick post as we are swamped with work right now, but the question you guys have is who is who when it comes to our Staff right now as so much has changed since Everything About Reality TV ended:

ChrisBOnTheWeb Staff:

Chris (Founder/Owner)- Founded and Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb.
Sophie- Me (Community Manager)- In charge of our Facebook and Twitter and overall helps the community if they have any questions and you can find me in the chat Monday - Fridays, 9 am - 5 pm EST I am always in there.
Larry (Co-FounderSenior Advisor)- Been with ChrisBOnTheWeb since the beginning and is the Co-Founder of ChrisBOnTheWeb and isn't really staff but is in conversations for everything ChrisBOnTheWeb.
Billy (Senior Advisor)- One of the 2 advisors for Programming to help Chris make the tough decision for everything around going on around the website and ChrisBOnTheWeb.

Billy (Senior Advisor)- Advises Chris along with Larry with everything Chris B On The Web, that involves decisions to make within the website.

Entertainment Man Podcast (2020 - PRESENT):

Chris (Executive Producer/Host)- Title says it all, Executive Producer/Host of his own personal podcast.

Power Rangers Podcast Collab (2018 - PRESENT):

Chris (Executive Producer/Host)-
Executive Producer/Host and oversees the operation and planning of the podcast.
Larry (Senior Producer/Co-Host)-
Senior Producer and helps with the decisions and Chris's right hand on projects as well. He is also is the Co-Host of the podcasts.

Sports Talk With The Bulldog (TBA):

Billy (Executive Producer/Host)- Executive Producer and Host of this future podcast.
Chris (Senior Advisor)- Senior Advisor and helps behind the scenes and can fulfill fill in host if Billy is unable to come on.

              There will be more information coming to the projects below and once we know what is up then we will be sure to update but exciting things happening and excited to be adding into the website and Chris is very excited on all of this and wishes he can post this personally but as I said he is very busy person. He hopes to return soon and he will know by Friday night when he is returning to the daily posts.

Sophie, Community Manager

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