Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Addressing A Few Things That's Going On...

                 There has been so many issues recently across the board. I never thought in all the short time I have been with Chris and his team there would be so many issues. I will address them on this post and like Chris said if they remove this post so be it but it has to be addressed.

Facebook: The biggest headache for the last week or so as not once but twice we have had issues with our Facebook Community Fan Page as we have had issues with our scheduled posts actually posting. Now everything was on schedule technically didn't go up and remained in our scheduled section in the back end of the website which honestly has really put Chris in a bad mood again not once but twice. Chris has even thought about just focusing on Twitter and Instagram but he hasn't come to a decision on that at this point.

Ad Revenue: As you know we have ad revenue and recently we started to move with earning then Google goes and removes half the money we have earned and continue to remove money from our adsense. Chris is definitely keeping an eye on all of these issues and he's been going off on Google in the last 24 hours really not happy and he's been going off on social media yesterday ranting and threatening especially threatening to pull the CBOTW Fan Page all together.

                  He's not been a very happy camper from people threatening to report his social media to ratting him out to all this stuff going on with the two core things that evolves CBOTW and it's website and community. It is being monitored but he has actually spoken about sponsorships for the website or advertising on the website that could actually be a possibility that he could look into and he could actually remove the site from the Google Ad revenue all together and do something different? He has even said on Twitter he's considering Wordpress for a website or something similar that he has had at one point and no he won't be returning to 000webhost as that was a disaster. However this means he would be doing away with Google all together and he would have to re-create under another email switch over emails for podcasts etc which really isn't hard but we are locked with blogspot for another 3.5 years. So that is what is going on and I thought I'd let you know and hopefully the issues are resolved very soon.

Sophie, Community Manager

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