Monday, July 27, 2020

Power Rangers Is Returning To Recording Thursday!

                  Who would think that I would be sitting here making the announcement after a rough summer with preparing this but alas here it is! The biggest announcement that we have done yet! I wanna break this all down actually. First I wanna say is we were gonna hold off but Tuesday, made the decision to focus on Time Force Notes then Wild Force which I have already started and almost halfway there at this point. However Time Force is the upmost importance first as I want to record an episode and get that done so I can start editing it and getting things rolling. Taking baby steps and once Time Force is finished then we move into Wild Force. I guess what I am trying to say is with these really hard times, we gotta do with what we have and with the studio on lock down and if we have to we will break it down if so but we are still going to be recording 3 times a year and we are trying to stay on the schedule we set out to do. However the title isn't lying, we are indeed returning next week to recording and your wondering how? How are we going to do it with the studio in lock down still? Well we will be recording via Skype as this was the original plan back in May. We're so excited and when I made the decision to record the podcast this upcoming Monday, I messaged Larry at 330 in the morning. That's right I message him so early as I couldn't wait on Tuesday to tell him let's do this, let's make it happen. 

                   Now with the state of our YouTube channel with it now pretty much screwed up as that we have a strike on our account and warning we will be doing it live but it will be over our Facebook Fan Page which is probably more then better then YouTube or any other platform. The entire YouTube thing is another story and Larry is pretty much right on the YouTube thing but hey we got the Facebook Page and we wanna go live to show you guys how it's done and maybe these podcasts can be live here and there but not always. So Monday at 7 pm EST, both Larry and I will be live on Facebook and we cannot wait to talk about this season. Now should be by end of the week when we get the actual episode up but stay tuned for an announcement to come in the release by mid week. 


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