Saturday, July 25, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb-- Weekly Update [07-25-2020]

               Here is another weekly update and boy what an week for us. Now we made some changes within ChrisBOnTheWeb that probably is now permanent now. Things are constantly evolving and Chris admits to making the mistake of ever bringing back his Reality TV. He went out with a bang as he did his Survivor Brant Steele so it was indeed a great way to finish off the podcast series. Also we have seen staff leaving like a revolving door.  However Chris (Reality Teas) is no longer part of the team and still a big supporter of the podcasts and CBOTW. We thank him for his contributions and we are happy to have him support us still. Anyways here are the updates we have:

- Website: Chat does not have it's own dedicated chat and it has been moved to the right hand side of the side and can be seen all across the website pages as you go through all the pages it is there on every single page on our website. This way it's all across the site. We are excited for this new feature. Now I know what about the social media buttons that we once had? Well that is on the back burner as Chris is in high gear in collaborations which you will hear about this week, actually tomorrow as I checked with him and he told me its on the whiteboard schedule for this week. We will announce once we move into that phase of adding. It is more like we have to find a spot for the buttons on the website to put this feature.

- Podcasts (In General): CBOTW and Chris has indeed departed ways with the TV/Reality TV Podcasts and obviously you know Power Rangers are reverted back to the collab page again and will tend to remain on there. Also you probably wondering what the heck is going on with Chris and other podcasts, well he has something in mind that once saw production and went on hiatus and the clue it's actually on the website under podcasts right now. However announcement is coming this week from me and excited to tell you the plans with that, There is a second podcast from another Staff member that is in Pre-Production and he is working on preparing it for September and we got a start date for it but we will not announce it quite yet but we will soon hopefully.

                   So you can see we have a ton of stuff of amazing new stuff going to happen and we are happy that offers have been given and we are just excited to be doing this actually.  We have a ton of stuff going for this website and a lot more and we cannot wait to tell you guys the plans on what we have planned. Also you probably noticed Chris has not been on social media much lately and has been relatively quiet across social media but mind you he is busy getting content ready for you guys so this is why the staff is trying to cover for him on a daily basis. That is our weekly updates for us and I will be be chatting with you guys throughout the week, tomorrow his important post will be going up and I will be back on Tuesday with another post for you guys.

Sophie, Community Manager

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