Saturday, July 25, 2020

Chris Has Sequestered Himself In His Studio

                   Well, Chris has sequestered himself in his studio to get times of work done. So probably the next week or so, you will not be hearing from him for a while and he apologizes but he needs to get this done if there is to be podcasts. However you will be seeing him Live which yeah it is strange in a way he will be active on the platforms but yet he's not gonna be active on Social Media. He's already let me know but has not yet informed his Staff of the changes and maybe what I can do is get Billy to do posts on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but again we will have to see. We really do not know how long he is gonna be locked in his studio for and we will see how long this lasts. I kind of know why he's sequestering himself but you guys will tell as the week or weeks go on. He's definitely on a very tight schedule right now. I wouldn't know what he is up to as I am not in the same house as him, we're in our own studios or ends during this crazy time the pandemic. I am pretty sure you guys know a certain podcast was suppose to be done a month ago and he is behind schedule as it is right now. I'm sure it will be all self explanatory and I promised to not say anything and apparently he made me sign this NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) so this means I cannot open my mouth on things.

                There will be information from Chris, himself this upcoming week as one of his posts are actually from him under his username however he wrote this days ago actually. So before you actually grill us hey Chris isn't off social media he already pre-wrote it and he's told me to re-schedule it. Anyways the boss is totally focused on the project at hand and I cannot wait to see what he is up to. So you will see the Staff fill him for him and I will discuss it with Chris and Billy to what days who wants to do what with the posts but for the most part, we're good up to Monday in the way of posts for this moment. Please do check the socials for updates and what not to who is doing what for Blog posts while Chris is away from Social Media while working on major projects. I will speak to you guys tomorrow!

- Mark, Site Admin

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