Friday, July 31, 2020

And Weeee're Back To Blogging!

               After a 1 day absence from the blog we are back to normal. Myself and Chris apologize... Wait we do not need to apologize as it was an Google issue really. Anyways any posts that were suppose to be done are scheduled for today and tomorrow. The regular update will be up on Sunday as usual. Things are back to normal and Chris had his panties in a knot over all of this yesterday and was really peeved off so to speak. On top of that we had a troll think they run the place on our chat when I was absent as I passed the heck out which we work 9 - 5 days Monday through Fridays and I even work on weekends on the email and Social Media outside the website but I cannot always be on the chatroom all the time really when we have work to do to get things ready to go for podcasts. Yesterday both Chris and I worked until 2 pm then had the rest of the day off so we had a half day working which is nice of him from this end to give a day off. There is plenty of work to do to get ready for Monday as you know from Chris's post on social that Power Rangers Podcast is coming back and that was one of the posts this weekend but we couldn't cause of the issues we were experiencing on our back end of the website.

               Let me let you guys know what the posts are for the weekend, today is this post and tomorrow is about a podcasts coming back and new podcasts to our network that we are bringing and let me hint with this, you will recognize one of the projects from back in March and no it isn't Everything About Reality TV as Chris made it clear he's retired from Reality TV Podcasts after nearly 5 years doing that podcasts and really the team and I are kind of just doing more prep work right now to prepare for Monday's recording sess. Like he said on social this beginning of September, we go back to full throttle on Podcasts and content. I think he's gotten something else in the back of his mind too and he may be streaming on and off from time to time. Not sure if it would be YouTube or just on our Facebook Fan page that he would do it that I could not tell you. Time will tell what he has in stored really and you never know what he has up his sleeve.

Sophie, Community Manager

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