Tuesday, April 7, 2020

So Proud of My Team!

             Despite the changes with CBOTW involving COVID-19, I am proud of my team. We have made progress to fixing things from our own homes despite the studio being locked down to me only in the studio while this virus is happening. I know I haven't been the easiest person to get along with recently but my team has been nothing but amazing helping out as much as they can with things and it is nothing but a uphill battle from here. As you know I am watching Big Brother Canada and getting ready to start recording. I have most of the teams support minus one person which I have to try and convince him this is the best move for me.  I know my team is understanding and even my team stepped up with Everything About Reality TV.  Meaning Billy will eventually be taking over the Survivor Recaps hopefully in the fall and we hope to stay in the same scheduling but that is for a later date to be discussed as we haven't talked about that yet along with the collaboration podcast. Not just Staff but my Alumni have been a big help with things with some of the tough decisions that I have had to make recently with the changes that have been implemented.

              Either or, I consider even my alumni part of the team as they have even voiced their opinions especially at this really hard times that we are going through. Either way we are hanging in there and able to deal with some of the craziness and as long as we continue to communicate with one another we should definitely be OK over the next few weeks. Right now we are taking things one day at a time and when things get better which already are improving a tad as we haven't had as many cases of the virus today which is a improvement and let's hope it can stay this way moving forward. Right now the team and I are  discussing things for the remainder of April, May and June and how it will be affecting us in a big way as some production may end up halted. I'm fearing that Power Rangers Podcast will not happen now but least my team got my back and are there for me. My team and myself are in this together and going to try and keep things moving.


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