Sunday, April 5, 2020

OBS Has Become A Problem For Recording

               I can admit OBS has become a problem for me. As you guys know I had a podcast that didn't even remotely last very long. However  I was recording a video version of the podcast too and that didn't even remotely work as 13 mins was recorded and the rest was gone which really did tick me the heck off and annoyed. I have had a bit of issues with this program streaming but seemed to work on certain sites, cough cough YouTube, LOL. Anyways I just do not know what's going on with OBS why the recording only half and it could of been me pushing the wrong buttons which really wouldn't surprise me at all if that was the issue.  However OBS is a pain in my butt sometimes  but just gotta somehow deal with it if there is a point of time where I will have to use the software for example recording Power Rangers Podcast in case but I will try talking to the camera and see how long it lasts and maybe it was just me.

                However I had audio issues the first time around which was strike 1 then the second issue which is the 2nd strike. So as you can see my luck with these programs hasn't been the greatest. Just gotta try and figure things out for myself. I know I usually keep the technical issues to myself but this is or has gotten freakin ridiculous. Why do you think now I refuse to do video all together now. I just do not have the patience to deal with the technical issues and got my own issues as it is with my mixer acting up from time to time. Plus YouTube, well you guys know the story behind that but less headaches to deal with and this is why I wanna get the mix minus setup going so I can do away with OBS all together for good and get rid of it once and for all. I am just tired of the stupidity of issues and I am claiming I am remaining audio only once and for all as I just am over video casting moving forward. I know some of you may not like the decision but in the end it is my decision to not do video but doesn't mean any other podcasts like Billy's Sports Hour which is on hiatus and nothing really known on that project as Billy is assigned to Survivor as of the fall which I will address this week for you guys. Either or, I am very much happy with Audio ONLY and so is my team and we are going to keep it this way with the technical issues I am having currently having.


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