Saturday, April 4, 2020

Weight Loss Update [04-04-2020]

              I know I haven't updated lately on my weight loss journey and honestly I haven't done a weigh-in lately but I am pretty sure I am currently around the 226 - 225 pounds mark as I have hardly been eating much since being home due to the fact that I am stressed out 24-7, my mental health is taking a toll on me and there is just days I hardly eat anything during the day minus my dinners which isn't healthy whatsoever. I need to work on eating a bit more and been wanting to get into the smoothies more and use Vanilla yogurt again as I found it a ton better and more of a smoother feel when drinking it but still cannot go wrong with Milk as long as theirs no lumps in it as we have found our milk bags recently. Again another story for another time.  Tomorrow (Sunday) I want to actually do a rant blog and Monday I will tell the story about the weird looking milk that was fresh.  Anyways, I am not moving around as much but still going up and down the stairs on a daily basis. I rarely go out but the occasion I go out for walks but seem to not feel safe and the most part I am inside and have lost weight randomly. 

                This update, I know makes no sense whatsoever but the weight is up and down from time to time and I actually am drinking  a ton more water which will help and become more calorie aware on how many calories I have per day now.  I am going to take this time to try and get my weight down while I am stuck in this insane asylum which seems it won't be anytime soon where I will be able to go. I plan on even working out using my weights a bit and lift my 10 pound weights. Going to start doing pushup's, I'm going to start strengthening everything up. It is impossible to even go on the treadmill as it's a  mess in the studio on the other side of me and that needs to be cleaned up but if I do not feel safe going for full walks then I can always go with my mom if worse comes to worse really. They haven't locked us in our homes here from the government yet and all they ask is to stay home and stay safe. Maybe the fact I do not eat too much is the reason and the reason I do not eat much is cause of the mental stress I am going through, hence my weight is fluctuating up and down. However like I said tomorrow I am going to weigh myself and see where I'm at. So next Saturday, I promise another update and to really give an update as all I can really tell you guys is that it's fluctuating non stop. 


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