Friday, April 3, 2020

When Could Amazing Race 32 Air?

            So the question is when will Amazing Race 32 air? I know I have not mentioned anything before my podcast obviously went on it's hiatus for weeks on end with no news. However with Big Brother Canada finished early due to this virus, like Eric told me this could be a good time but if you put it against Survivor might be hard in the ratings as it is competing but only my opinion honestly. Now we know this for a fact that they have been filming season 33 and with the recent situation in the world they had to stop and totally understandable as we gotta stay safe. My thoughts for 32 however is if there is Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada, Everything About Reality TV may be on a summer hiatus but willing they will if they can get things under control with this soon I hope. However my point is if they have to CBS can definitely air Amazing Race 32 then and after reading articles some other shows are on hiatus due to the situation with the virus in the world.  However no real date as of yet and starting to make me wonder what is going to be happening with the show. Also according to this Reddit Post it could be also on be on the shelf in case of a writers strike for scripted shows such as NCIS, Law and Order for example. 

              Time will tell and looks grim for my podcast but there has been episodes I have done months ago back in January that I happened to erase but not lost and I can do off season stuff between and bring on Larry for an episode and even Billy on. One way or another there will be content while we wait for Amazing Race 32 especially. The final thing I would like to say is that Amazing Race 32 is and has been filmed almost a year a half ago which was taped finished in December 2018 to be exact. Either way I will as always keep you guys in the loop as we progress on with the weeks and see when they air it. One last thing on my list they told us mid season 2019 - 2020 and it is now getting into the late season and shows slowly ending and we still haven't gotten word when Amazing Race 32 so something is truly up but we'll have to wait and see honestly it is a tough time for the industry and just gotta try and keep ourselves busy while we wait. 


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