Thursday, April 9, 2020

It's All About Me Staying Positive!

             Going through all this stuff with all that is going on outside world and being stuck in the house 24-7 and not taking the risk of going out and about minus my front yard or backyard which is more then likely safer then going out in the public. Anyways, I have to remain optimistic and positive and I haven't been even with CBOTW, I have found myself to struggle at time with things around the studio here but now have been productive around the studio and been binge watching episodes of Reality TV, playing catching up on things and already can say I have been recording and editing and getting things done. Just gotta remain positive and keep busy and that is what I am doing as today I am back to recording 2 more episodes of the podcast so I am not bored with my time really, I am staying very busy, staying positive and that is the most important thing too. The fact I have been busy with unpacking stuff, recording, writing these posts every second day and yea I know it's a bit off for now till the podcast is up to speed with things.

               There is definitely no time for being negative right now, just gotta keep myself busy despite sleep is messed up, I have to just deal with it. There is a lot of faults that I probably need to correct myself on recently and I think as well I need to actually show some patience and that has been one of my major downfalls recently and that I need to actually improve this and it won't happen overnight but in time it will definitely will in time. As long as I said I am keeping busy I should be fine. Honestly right now, I do feel very content with things at the moment. I am hanging in there and trying staying positive and I realize some days are better then others but we all have a bad day here and there and we are only human. I know, I know, I'm rambling and I find doing these posts actually help with my struggles and I really wanna get back to everyday posts but a week Sunday we will be back to normal posts as I should be back on the straight and arrow of things with podcast content and hopefully back to Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast prep again. What I am trying to say is this is a good coping mechanism but cannot always talk about this and trying to change things around if I really have to. 


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