Saturday, April 11, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Updates

                So I wanted to provide you guys with an update on the podcast. I have been very quiet and you guys probably thought, Oh he quit again, no been very much active and busy and if you look at any of the platforms, the podcast is back on the move again. In fact as of this morning I got a total of 4 episodes up. I think for those who subscribed to the feeds realized that the feeds started becoming active again after being dormant for weeks on end. Now I know that there is no exact date with the most recent episode of the podcast going up but going to be or am recording some more this morning and this afternoon with a total of 3 more episodes so we could be looking at a Monday finally catching up but cannot promise anything. Everything About Reality TV Podcast is the upmost important for me to get caught up and running again. However I can promise you guys we will be back next Thursday night as usual and we will officially be back on schedule again to the once a week. I am literally going to bed early and up around 1ish in the morning to work on things. Mornings I edit and post up so it is an overnight thing and probably why you are notified during the night. 

                  Now the Amazing Race 32 situation  and shows in general, I am starting to worry there will be no Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada and that's OK but what the plan is for the summer right now is up in the air right now and it is truly a day to day basis and we're monitoring around the clock right now.  Sounding like things could indeed be delayed and not sure when things will get back to normal but again it is a day by day basis. It has been a very stressful time for this podcast with staff changes to the podcast went on a brief hiatus. However, we are back and already got some new Staff for some of the recaps and here is who is going to be doing what as of the summer:

Big Brother US- RealityTeas
Survivor- Billy
Amazing Race- Chris (Me)
Amazing Race Canada- Chris (Me)
Big Brother Canada- Chris (Me)

                   There is the list and as you can see, I am taking on less episodes for the recaps minus the 3 and look forward to the future of this podcast as we progress to our 5th Anniversary. As for the summer the discussions for ideas to even do an off season between June and September to try and fill the void. Again that is being discussed with the team and in time I will have information for you guys soon hopefully and when we know more. Right now we are focusing on catching up and also getting ready for the normal Thursday episode next week. I will post up a link when it's all said and done and we will be back on track this week! 


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