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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Made A Few Tweaks To My Re-Brand!

               As you can noticed, I have changed the banners to suit myself a bit so I am an array of different things from Blogs to Podcasts to Photography, I have it all. I wanna make sure I continue on getting more followers and fans within my community. Why you may be wondering why the change in the motto and year and adding 15th Anniversary? Well, I first of all I explained the motto part and the reason was cause of what I just said here on the blog. The 15th Anniversary, I decided to incorporate the fact I have been creating content for nearly 15 Years now both The Video Projects Team & now under the Chris B On The Web Brands over the year. Yes CBOTW was still founded on November 14th, 2014 nearly 6 Years ago and I will mention when it hits the 10 year mark but I am more focused on the years that I have been creating content all together as a whole. It has been a very long time now and grateful for the time I have spent being a content creator.

               I promise you guys this is the final changes that I am making on top of some of the other changes I have made. I've noticed with some of the changes I have gotten some new followers over Twitter and Instagram, despite I have lost some on Instagram but still seem to maintain at this time. Just want to make sure I am perfect for this rebrand and I end up getting growing the fan base and it will in time especially in Facebook which has been a bit of a problem but I am not panicking whatsoever. I had help from my Management Team, Billy and Tiala and also fellow Podcaster Jimi from The Record Machine Show Podcast which you see me promote the link from time to time on my social media. So Thank-you all 3 of them for the help in the last couple of days. This is just the start and I am excited for what is to come and especially the fact I will be celebrating 15 years soon and will be making a post about it on December 9th of this year.


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

More Changes but Change is Good!

                 Again with the changes! I am really just sick and tired of the changes just because it is happening way to fast for me but sometimes I gotta just deal with things at a faster face that is definitely the working world. For those who don't know Gamers Podcast is back on the shelf for the 1,000,000th time and for the last time. I am just honestly done playing games with a podcast now.... Having communication issues with the host that we had behind the scenes and it wasn't working out. So now CBOTW has 2 podcasts running at this point, "Entertainment Man Podcast" & "Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast" I still got Tiala, Larry and Jim onboard to help out and they are going nowhere. I know this is a lot to digest and I think I made a mistake adding on too much, too soon. I have to honestly slow things down a bit and if it happens to add on another podcast down the road then so be it we will add on another one. I think what we need to do as a team is take small steps. You have to walk before you can run as the saying goes and we are moving at such a fast pace and I think it is not the right move at this moment. 

                 We will get to expanding soon enough and maybe eventually that we will be at the right point to expand but right now we need to slow down our role. I definitely think we are going at a very fast pace at the moment and need to slow the heck down a tad, just a tad. However the website stream page is still there and it will remain empty till we feel we are ready to go to actually stream our podcasts and if we decide it's not worth it then we will just continue to record Audio ONLY but that can be decided at a later date to be honest. Either way it sits on the website waiting for it's future fate of the website. We may use it, we may not that is up to the podcast team in the end. However change is definitely good for the good reasons not the bad and if we are to expand it will be at a more of slower pace then we have been going. 


Thursday, January 9, 2020

What Is Different This Year For Podcasts on Everything About Reality TV Podcast

              Well as you know this year being a new decade and all and being the roaring 20's once again but 2020 technically comes change to Everything About Reality TV Podcast and I am not just talking about the expansion of the team for the podcast which I have been working out on for the past year. That is right, I am been ironing out details for an entire year so there has been a ton of thought process that came into 2020 many months before Jan 1st, 2020 hit and here are the things that are different that I haven't mentioned before:

1) Celebrity Big Brother USA Season 3: No plans at this current time as we know Julie's contract is just for Big Brother US Season 22 which we know Jasmine will be covering both Canada and the USA seasons this year so this is now off our schedule for this year but they said it could not be done but we do not know what CBS has in-stored for us.

2) Music City CMT Season 3: Absolutely no news on a 3rd season at this moment and I am not sure if there is plans for a 3rd season or not so there isn't any news of confirmation so right now this is the second of 2 of the shows not put into the podcasts

3) Me Stepping Down From Big Brother Canada/Big Brother USA Recaps: Like I said before above, I stepped down to bring in Jasmine who is taking over for me which is amazing to have them part of the team. However I will still be recapping 3 of the 5 shows currently on the podcast, Survivor, Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada.

                I am hoping to cover some other shows such as and I will be covering for the very first time Amazing Race Australia which will be right out there in shows. What I have been looking up it sounds like a fall premiere so I will be covering 3 Amazing Races unless Amazing Race US returns in the fall then the answer will be different but they said mid season for the US version so sometime in the next few months there will be a new season and it is the matter of time when it will be announced but again I only have Survivor as I said above. This year is about taking this podcast to the next level and that is exactly what we are doing with the podcast and I am honestly excited for it too and what this year brings for the 3 of us on the podcast.