Monday, August 26, 2019

Everything About Reality TV & Power Rangers Podcast Updates!

              This is a massive update for you guys. There is a lot to say on today's post since I did not post up yesterday. This is me catching up on things. So the first thing I would like to talk about is this week. As you know I lost 9 subscribers on one of the platforms which is no big deal but it is cause of the inconsistency of posting up on time so this week is me keeping up and with saying that there is some changes for this week. I have to change one of the two days for the podcast so the schedule for the podcast this week as follows:

Wednesday: 9 pm EDT- Amazing Race Canada 7 Recap

Saturday: 9 pm EDT- Big Brother 21 Recap (Temporary for this week only, will be back to normal schedule next week due to already scheduled family outing for the day, not making the same mistake to lose more listeners.)

                   The Next update is this fall, I am taking some time off from both Everything About Reality TV Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. However with Everything About Reality TV, my good High school friend, Billy will be taking over for Survivor: Island of The Idols for me so the podcast isn't going anywhere and he will be responsible for recording the podcast each week which is only on a weekly basis on the Thursday which I will be giving you guys the official finale week schedule when we get closer into the finale of Big Brother 21 and premiere of Survivor: Island of The Idols which includes the preview podcast for Survivor which he will be doing prior to the season starting. 

                   Now the next part of this post is the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. So now I found out that the renovations for the studio will be happening very soon which ties into all of this post with both the regular and collab podcast. This break came in at the right time so I can help fix up this studio and make the changes to the new studio to what I would like to do for the changes. The position the desk is in now will be changed which you guys will see the changes through Twitter and Instagram as the progress moves on. I think I will have only one mic hooked up which more then likely will not be the condenser it will be the old handheld microphone when I pop onto Punk Rock Cheeseburger with Rocky I have that one that I can use but the setup will not all setup at the time, I will be taking some of my setup down while we renovation and fix up the walls in the studio. So this comes at the very right time to take a break from the podcasts and I have to talk to Larry about this and that we will have to hold off on our collab as I am planning right now to be recording 3 times next year, January, June and October 2020 to catch up on things but this studio reno is the upmost importance as I am sick of the mess in here. This is the updates on what to expect for CBOTW and the podcasts over the course of the next 4 - 4.5 months with work being done in here and with me taking a break from things.  


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