Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Burrito Bar Food Review- Oshawa Centre

               First of all, I'm sorry about the lack of posts on here from working on Billy's Podcast stuff to preparing for the next season of Everything About Reality TV to real life stuff I have been very busy person indeed. Yesterday I had the privilege of trying out Burrito Bar which I have been meaning to actual try out for a very long time actually. I have been saying I am going to try it out and it took me about a year or two to actually get the nerve. However where am I going with this? I was suppose to originally suppose to go to Subway, which was my initial first go to place but Subway was a zoo yesterday and I was looking at the menu for the Burrito Bar and I thought huh... Interesting so I decided since there wasn't many and yes it was around Lunch hour when I went for lunch as we were out to the Generals Training camp and we were in between sessions in the day.  So the food side of things, what did I get? I told the lady I have never been to their fine establishment at the mall and they guided me right through it without any issues. I give the service definitely 10 out of 10 not my usual 5 out of 5. Now to the food portion as you guys came by this post to read about the food review not have me ramble like I am right now.... smh. I ordered a Chicken Quesadilla with cheese, onion and tomatoes on it. I also added to the side salsa and Sour Cream as well. I would give it a 10 out of 10 not the usual rating as it went beyond my expectations and they sure as heck deserve the extra credit when credit is due and in this case that was today!

                  Now would I go back there again in the very nearby future? Yes! The next time I am there I plan on trying something different as there is not just one thing on the list there is a ton to choose from, different meats too from Chicken to Pork to Beef so there is definitely options I can go with and trust me I will be definitely be trying something different. I also think there is burritos as well that is on the list so I am definitely going to be trying that out down the road. So either way there will be a new review for quite some time and yes I may start doing monthly reviews but recently it hasn't been that, it's been twice a month or more especially when I was away on holidays but hey it is content for this very blog and Eric gave me this idea so I am nothing but grateful for the idea. Gives me content. I had to do this post before concluding the podcast series and I will get this done don't worry. Hope you guys enjoyed this review as I enjoy writing these for you guys. I will talk to you guys tomorrow on a Throwback Thursday Story!


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