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Friday, March 17, 2023

Wendy's- Dave's Single Combo Review

           Wednesday, I got to go to Wendy's with Eric. I had "Dave's Single Combo" which had a drink and fries with it. The burger had tomatoes, onions, lettuce and pickles. or as Daym calls it red ring of death (tomatoes) crunchy water (lettuce) ickle pickles. Either way I loved it and wanna try their chicken fingers. It really hit the spot and I needed some comfort food with the everything going on.

           The entire afternoon was what I needed to keep my mind busy. Now out of 10 for the burger, 10 out of 10 day all day long. 10 out of 10 for the fries as well. Cannot go wrong with Wendy's it's comfort food honestly and probably in my top 5 favourite burger spots locally for me here in Durham Region. Service was 10 out of 10 as well as they were quick to getting my order to me and will be back to that location again in the future. Anyways that is my review for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for a special "Saturday edition" of the End of The Week Updates and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!


Thursday, January 19, 2023

McDonald's Food Review

             I do not usually go to Mickey D's (McDonald's) and I do not think I have done a review whatsoever on this at all. Anyways I was spending time with my Niece and Nephew which I do not post about it as it is my time off hours from ChrisBOnTheWeb but my nephew was having lunch with his grandpa (my dad) and my mom and niece and I went to McDonald's. Now I asked for 6 Chicken Nuggets with Ranch which I know sounds odd but it was an option in sauces technically. I also asked for the limited time waffle fries and I ended up getting poutine instead. I also asked for Chocolate milkshake and so did my niece and ended up getting vanilla. They kind of screwed up our order.  Like come on McDonald's we asked for Chocolate Milkshake and i asked for Waffle fries not Poutine. 

            Now the poutine wasn't anything to write home about, was gooey, cheesy and good but got cold quickly. I noticed a bit of a crunch and like I said it was nothing to write home about honestly. Chicken Nuggets get a 5 all day, Shake also gets a 5 all day as well. The poutine I give it a 3, not great, great but still OK. Service I'd give a 1 as I am not impressed they messed up the order. I will not be back to that location near my house again as I am not for one happy with them at all. That is my review I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Thursday, July 9, 2020

Getting Anxiety for Going Back To Events and Food Reviews In 2021!

               I know I shouldn't be anxious with going back to events. However I am worried about going back and questioning if I will be back at events right away when they start in Spring 2021 or hold off. Honestly I cannot over think things nor plan  too far ahead of myself. I do not want to promise something that I cannot keep so right now we are waiting on the decision. Yes I got some events that I want to do and I may ease back on the schedule as it will be too soon with actually and I want to ease myself back to events. I may end up cutting out a few events such as Rib Fest, Polish/Ukrainian Festival, some of the bigger events that I have been too and I want to ease it back not rush back into all events so not everything will be on the schedule technically. We will see how things go. It will depend on the status of the pandemic at this time next year to what and if the pandemic is lower and if I really wanna travel into Toronto, because I may not be going to any Toronto events even next year, I may end up waiting for Toronto events and may just stay local for now.

             Again this does depend how things are and if we ended up going into the second wave of this pandemic so right now I need to focus on now. I know it's taken a hit on the content as right now we've halted events and food reviews and the views are really down with the site? No, it's been full speed ahead and with the changes that we have made with the website has helped us. However in the end, eventually we will end up back to events and food reviews and I know Larry and I owe you guys a food review from Pop Eyes and we were on our way to do one but this pandemic hit and and now we're without those reviews. Also we or I was planning to return to Toronto Union Station to actually return to the Pizza Pizza to try their food again but I guess that is on hold. Soon I hope soon enough we will have news that we can travel around again and get around once again but we had to just continue to be patient. I will not or try to not get anxiety over returning to a normalcy but right now I have a bit of anxiety but that's all normal. What I have to do is take things one day at a time and baby steps. 


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Chicken Quesadilla-- Taco Bell Food Review

             I can say never again, I will have the Chicken Quesadilla from Taco Bell. Let's just say I wasn't pleased with it whatsoever. I was quite unhappy. The fries seem not too good even to the other store I went to in a previous food review.  The fries were not salted too well honestly so I will give it a 2.5 out of 5 as it tasted just bland honestly. Now the Chicken Quesadilla, there wasn't much in the meat inside it. There was a part where it was just flat with no meat whatsoever. Honestly I felt like there was just not enough in the meat more cheese that was in there. I feel like this was a 2 out of 5 this time around and I do not think I will even go back to that store at the mall for the food. Honestly this is my first bad review that I have done with Taco Bell and I honestly do not like doing these negative reviews but I gotta be open to the negative ones as well. I haven't had a problem with them in the past and just do not why. I kind of should of just got back to the burger place and have the Aussie burger which was the first initial thought but I went with Taco Bell.

               Well that is my review and sorry it wasn't overly exciting as I wasn't expecting this and I do not think I will complain about it to the company themselves as I know I just do not want to be a complainer and honestly it wasn't bad and I made an OK review and I hope this will not turn me off of Taco Bell but like I said yesterday, never again I will have the Chicken Quesadilla ever again. It is what it is and nothing I can do and I tried it and it is good I tried something new on their menu. I am always up to trying something new on the menu and there is nothing wrong with that. Well that is it for this review, I hope you guys enjoyed this food review and I have said this before but another one is coming soon with Pop Eyes in about a week and a half from now.


Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Taco Bell Double Layered Tacos Food Review [01-29-2020]

               I realize I am having tacos again this week on Friday with my niece and nephew but that's OK it is homemade on Friday technically. Anyways I had the 2 double Layered Tacos with Fries and a Drink combo. Now the fries were nice and crispy and get a 5 as I like my fries a little crispy Now the taco at first I was wondering where the doubled layer was but actually it was inside which was a hard taco shell then the soft taco shell on the outside. It had the beef, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Now the tacos get a 5 all day as is so so juicy and gooey but still good in the end. I'd like to say also that this was my first time having this and it was new on the menu actually and really did enjoy it. I would have it again in the very near future. I was in the mid Whitby Taco location which was an older of any of the locations here in the region but that's OK. Now the service was fantastic and got our orders to us within minutes and the girl who served us was  really good and friendly and she happened to be eyeing me while Eric and I were eating.

               Either way I'd come back to this location in the nearby future as I said everything was nothing but a positive experience for us. In total I'd give the entire experience a 10 out of 10. Oh I may as well mention this the Pepsi was not watered down this time around, it was actually tasted like Pepsi so I was quite please compare to last week's not as happier food review that I did. Honestly you cannot go wrong with Taco Bell and have had it 2 - 4 times a year whenever whether it's with Larry, Eric or if my niece and nephew are over and we decide to go there to get some food. I enjoy it more now then I was when I was a kid as I never liked spicy food as a kid but that is another story for another blog for another day and time that I can talk to you guys about this. What is your favorite thing at Taco Bell? Let me know in the comments or if you do not like Taco Bell let me know. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and also please let me know if you would like to see another food review in the very nearby future.


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Subway Food Review [01-20-2020]

              The last 2 weeks I have been out eating once a week which is fine but gained weight so yesterday's post sure as heck went to waste but hey makes me wanna work even harder. Anyways last week I was up in the north end and Eric and I had Subway and trust me it wasn't the best experience and this is my food review for North end of Whitby for Subway at Garden and Rossland. Anyways the Pepsi was watered down a bit and didn't taste overly great and the sandwich had way too much Honey Mustard on it. So for the food and drink I will be giving it a definitely 1 as I wasn't too pleased with it whatsoever and I should of said something about the drink being watered down that was my own fault and I could of mentioned but they should be checking it but that is besides the point honestly. However this is the first bad review since last summer honestly so I have good rep or and have been on a good role with a positive reviews since. Last year wasn't a good year but hoping this year will be a good.

               However in the end the service was a 5 all day as they were nice and very helpful to the both of us so it wasn't a complete failure honestly but it is what it is and I am unsure that I am going to be back anytime soon but we will see. I hope to maybe one day go back and revisit this location. That is today's post and boy I wasn't happy at all. Sandwich wasn't that bad just little too much honey mustard but what can you do. These things happen and honestly you cannot control it. Look I had 3 bad ones I hope to get a lower amount on the bad reviews but never know you could see me rant this year a few times but again we will honestly will see. I would like to go back to a couple of them honestly and that is for another time and another blog post. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys tomorrow for the next food review tomorrow at 12 pm EST.


Sunday, December 15, 2019

Mr. Burger Bacon Burger Food Review!

             Yesterday, my parents and I actually ate out for once and we went to one of our most favorite burger places here in town, Mr. Burger which is a very well known establishment. Now I made a decision yesterday to change up my order for once and I actually went with the Bacon Burger which all 3 of us split Onion Rings and Fries. First of all the Onion rings once again nice and juicy and crisp as always and of course I gave it a 5 out of 5 all day long as that rating has not changed from the past review. Fries good side fries and really good as usual and of course I give that a 5 out of 5 as well. Now onto the burger side of things as I said before I got a Bacon burger which had a very nice crispy bacon as I always love it. Had the ickle pickle as Daym calls it with onion mustard ketchup and relish which is my normal toppings and condiments for a burger when we have burgers whether it is here at home or out at a place.  The burger I enjoyed every last bite and it exceeded more then what I expected. I give it a 10 out of 5 as I said it exceeded expectations. 

              Finally please let me know in the comments below if you would like me to review something different on the menu and I will be sure to do that. I really enjoy these food reviews that I do for you guys and even tho that they are not at a great length of a post still you guys get a review one way or another. Now I have not once complained about the Burgers or any of the food and been going there since I was there when I was growing up so there is no complaining to really be made on Mr. Burger. Always a positive review and honestly I do not have too many negative reviews minus *cough, cough* Pizza, Pizza and a at least one other place on my holiday travel but nothing too too bad to complain about but that is always room for improvement if I have something negative to say which is very seldom of the time. Any one last things if you guys want me to go back to Pizza, Pizza let me know on social media or even in the comments and I will go back to the Union Station and give it another shot 6 + months later. 


Monday, November 18, 2019

Pizza and Dessert From Kitchen Place Food Review!

          Now it is obvious where I was now it is 48 hours now which equals 2 days ago technically but on the way back we went to the local grocery store which had warm food and when I say warm food I mean Pizza, whole chicken, some good stuff and reasonable prices too. So I grabbed Pizza, mainly Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza which had a nice hint of Oregano which we all know is a herb and tastes great in food. Anyways the first bite that I took and it was really fresh. It was also really super soft and very delicious as well and I really did enjoy it. My thought was just like my mom's homemade pizza that she makes from time to time which next time I eat pizza will probably be on my 34th Birthday this year. Now for the rating I would give it a 10 out of 10. It was really enjoyable and I would eat the Pizza again even if my dad and I even went there I would definitely have it again especially as it was really good. 

            However for the dessert, not as enjoyable as I was not happy with it whatsoever but I ate it. I found this chocolate and with some creamy stuff inside too sweet for my liking. Now yes I have a sweet tooth but that much of a sweet tooth honestly. Both Eric and I found it too sweet so it wasn't that great. Now if it didn't have the cream on top and just chocolate in the middle of the chocolate part that probably been fine but the way they had it and it is very hard to explain to you guys what I am talking about. I should of took a picture of all the food I had but I didn't. Either way I wasn't pleased with the result of the dessert so I probably, more then likely just like Eric not too happy with the dessert. However majority of the time I'd say there are tons of things that I do like and this dessert wasn't one of them on my list along with Sushi which is one I do not like whatsoever. Either way this dessert is getting a 1 out of 10 as I said I found it too sweet and that's OK, but I will give em a 5 out of 10 the way it was presented in the container and it did look good at the time but once I took a bite, I wasn't overly impressed. I hope you enjoyed this food review and I hope to have more like these again in the very nearby future. 


Friday, September 13, 2019

Shoeless Joes- Buffalo Chicken on A Wrap Food Review

            Now I admit I wasn't planning a food review honestly as you all know I was in Toronto for the Jays game and I rather squash that part of the night as I wasn't overly thrilled how the game ended and yes we left early as the game got out of control. That is all I wanna say but it was nice to see all the young guys play honestly. Now to the food review side of things which we went to Shoeless Joe's for dinner which is right along the harborfront in Toronto. So what did I have besides a glass of milk which didn't really taste too good but that's definitely not the point of this post of me complaining about milk. More then likely it was 2% which is not the one that I normally have which is 1% most of the time. So besides the milk, I had Buffalo Chicken on a wrap with fries on the side. Now you probably think hey Chris that is sort of healthy? Yes it was minus I think the chicken was breaded tho so that part wasn't so much but the rest of it was healthy. However it was a very good dish and I really did enjoy it and it was a little hotter then I thought really but still it was very delicious one way or another so it was worth having. Now the fries reminded me of the McDonald's french fries which were thin and long but they were really good as well. Little on the salty side for me as I just like a little bit of salt not too much. I also think they added a little of pepper but there was nothing wrong with it honestly but it was just a little excessive on the salt but overall still a great experience. Now my mom gave my dad and I her deep fried pickle which was really good and I have had this before at the Campus Pub when I was a college student between 2010 and 2012. 

              The rating for the wrap is a definite 10 out 10, not a 5 out of 5 as it exceeded expectations and I really wasn't expecting a spiciness to the Buffalo Chicken. Now for the french fries I wasn't overly happy due to the fact I felt like it was a little over salted so unfortunately I am giving it 3 out of 5 but still tasted good but it was a little over salted. Now the deep fried pickle was the best and like I said I have had this before so it is not my first rodeo when I first had it so it was worth a 10 out of 10 not my usual 5 out of 5 rating like I normally do on these food reviews. Overall experience was a 5 out of 5 as the server, she was really great to us and always helpful especially with out meals being a bit on the messy side but we had enough napkins and wet ones too to get our hands cleaned once we were finished. Was a great start to a very not so good ball game  as I thought the Jays would of won this and sweeping the Red Sox but it is what it is and hey the Jays still won the series 2 - 1 one way or another.


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Burrito Bar Food Review- Oshawa Centre

               First of all, I'm sorry about the lack of posts on here from working on Billy's Podcast stuff to preparing for the next season of Everything About Reality TV to real life stuff I have been very busy person indeed. Yesterday I had the privilege of trying out Burrito Bar which I have been meaning to actual try out for a very long time actually. I have been saying I am going to try it out and it took me about a year or two to actually get the nerve. However where am I going with this? I was suppose to originally suppose to go to Subway, which was my initial first go to place but Subway was a zoo yesterday and I was looking at the menu for the Burrito Bar and I thought huh... Interesting so I decided since there wasn't many and yes it was around Lunch hour when I went for lunch as we were out to the Generals Training camp and we were in between sessions in the day.  So the food side of things, what did I get? I told the lady I have never been to their fine establishment at the mall and they guided me right through it without any issues. I give the service definitely 10 out of 10 not my usual 5 out of 5. Now to the food portion as you guys came by this post to read about the food review not have me ramble like I am right now.... smh. I ordered a Chicken Quesadilla with cheese, onion and tomatoes on it. I also added to the side salsa and Sour Cream as well. I would give it a 10 out of 10 not the usual rating as it went beyond my expectations and they sure as heck deserve the extra credit when credit is due and in this case that was today!

                  Now would I go back there again in the very nearby future? Yes! The next time I am there I plan on trying something different as there is not just one thing on the list there is a ton to choose from, different meats too from Chicken to Pork to Beef so there is definitely options I can go with and trust me I will be definitely be trying something different. I also think there is burritos as well that is on the list so I am definitely going to be trying that out down the road. So either way there will be a new review for quite some time and yes I may start doing monthly reviews but recently it hasn't been that, it's been twice a month or more especially when I was away on holidays but hey it is content for this very blog and Eric gave me this idea so I am nothing but grateful for the idea. Gives me content. I had to do this post before concluding the podcast series and I will get this done don't worry. Hope you guys enjoyed this review as I enjoy writing these for you guys. I will talk to you guys tomorrow on a Throwback Thursday Story!


Friday, August 2, 2019

More Food Reviews and Events To Come!

         Hopefully this month and the next couple I will get a chance to do some food reviews. the plan right now was to do the Rib fest locally but I am not sure if that is going to be happening this weekend as my dad hasn't mentioned the Rib Fest so I am guessing it is not in the plans but I will talk to him see if he wants to go down for a while and try some ribs. I really wanna get back into that Rib Fest and I think it will be a fun time plus gives me some content for this blog honestly. If we don't then the next review would be all the way at the end of September for the Ukrainian and Polish Festival and I know that is a long way off but for now you guys may end up waiting on reviews for a while. There is other content you guys can read or listen to throughout the site and what not. Anyways event wise I am in the same boat as you all know I pulled out of a pile of events because they weren't working for me or my dad as he comes to most of em as he is like my chaperone which is nice to have someone at the events, especially the family. I wish there were events to go to in July and August but that are the very quiet months for me. May and June I have a few on the list but I wanna see if there is anything in July and August that I can cover. Also as you know I am no longer involved with the Autism Celebration yet I still have the board and haven't had a chance to dismantle it. 

             Now come this fall, I was suppose to do a few food reviews with a member of the Alumni, however they are no longer part of CBOTW and yes I am referring to the Co-Host of Power Rangers Podcast, anyways, I could get my dad to come along or Eric to come along as they both like it but where are you guys talking about? Five Guys Burgers which we got here in Canada apparently which I never knew till I went to the Walmart then I discovered Five Guys there so it is on my list. Another one and if someone starts talking things out to not only get the PR Podcast back up and running again, but to also do a run to Pop Eyes and try their food there and do an review from there. But we will see what happens. Event wise end of September like I said Ukrainian and Polish Festival will be coming up fast and will review the food there on a separate blog post. Then in October will be doing the Apple Festival followed by the Royal Winter Fair, Port Perry in December and Tyrone Parade of Lights to finish up the year in events. 2020 there will have to be some changes and additions to the list of things as Greek Festival and Autism Celebration has been pulled from the schedule so that leaves open some space but never know what will pop up.