Thursday, January 19, 2023

McDonald's Food Review

             I do not usually go to Mickey D's (McDonald's) and I do not think I have done a review whatsoever on this at all. Anyways I was spending time with my Niece and Nephew which I do not post about it as it is my time off hours from ChrisBOnTheWeb but my nephew was having lunch with his grandpa (my dad) and my mom and niece and I went to McDonald's. Now I asked for 6 Chicken Nuggets with Ranch which I know sounds odd but it was an option in sauces technically. I also asked for the limited time waffle fries and I ended up getting poutine instead. I also asked for Chocolate milkshake and so did my niece and ended up getting vanilla. They kind of screwed up our order.  Like come on McDonald's we asked for Chocolate Milkshake and i asked for Waffle fries not Poutine. 

            Now the poutine wasn't anything to write home about, was gooey, cheesy and good but got cold quickly. I noticed a bit of a crunch and like I said it was nothing to write home about honestly. Chicken Nuggets get a 5 all day, Shake also gets a 5 all day as well. The poutine I give it a 3, not great, great but still OK. Service I'd give a 1 as I am not impressed they messed up the order. I will not be back to that location near my house again as I am not for one happy with them at all. That is my review I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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