Thursday, July 9, 2020

Getting Anxiety for Going Back To Events and Food Reviews In 2021!

               I know I shouldn't be anxious with going back to events. However I am worried about going back and questioning if I will be back at events right away when they start in Spring 2021 or hold off. Honestly I cannot over think things nor plan  too far ahead of myself. I do not want to promise something that I cannot keep so right now we are waiting on the decision. Yes I got some events that I want to do and I may ease back on the schedule as it will be too soon with actually and I want to ease myself back to events. I may end up cutting out a few events such as Rib Fest, Polish/Ukrainian Festival, some of the bigger events that I have been too and I want to ease it back not rush back into all events so not everything will be on the schedule technically. We will see how things go. It will depend on the status of the pandemic at this time next year to what and if the pandemic is lower and if I really wanna travel into Toronto, because I may not be going to any Toronto events even next year, I may end up waiting for Toronto events and may just stay local for now.

             Again this does depend how things are and if we ended up going into the second wave of this pandemic so right now I need to focus on now. I know it's taken a hit on the content as right now we've halted events and food reviews and the views are really down with the site? No, it's been full speed ahead and with the changes that we have made with the website has helped us. However in the end, eventually we will end up back to events and food reviews and I know Larry and I owe you guys a food review from Pop Eyes and we were on our way to do one but this pandemic hit and and now we're without those reviews. Also we or I was planning to return to Toronto Union Station to actually return to the Pizza Pizza to try their food again but I guess that is on hold. Soon I hope soon enough we will have news that we can travel around again and get around once again but we had to just continue to be patient. I will not or try to not get anxiety over returning to a normalcy but right now I have a bit of anxiety but that's all normal. What I have to do is take things one day at a time and baby steps. 


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