Tuesday, July 7, 2020

The Sims 4, Spelunky & The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Updates!

              So this is the update I have been sitting on for days now as you know with my break came some gaming and what I was up to while I was on my social media hiatus. Anyways here is the updates I would like to give you guys on today's blog:

The Sims 4: I finished up the house that I was building is now completed and already have had sims moved in but majority of them moved out as they were married. As you know the purpose of that house was to actually move in CBOTW Team but like I said they are now moved out and I re did my Sim and he's married and a kid on the way.

Spelunky: Made some necessary progress with the game and I am happy to say I have finally reached the forest level after raging at the game enough I managed to play more of a strategic game and approach. However I ended up dead at the start but I think I got close enough to the end gate of each and every level. In time I will continue to get stronger and better with the game but I was so excited when I did.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: I can say this, I am excited for the progress of this game. I fought with Lazarus and I beat Mom with him and also Magdalene aka Maggie. I am so pumped with this game and I continue to improve and dominating the game and I am on a tear on the game. Not sure but my A-Game with gaming is strong to quite strong right now.

               Either way I am excited to continue on the gaming path. I am so pumped up with the way things are improving and the more I play the more I am getting better at the games. So those are my exciting updates and I am red hot, no I am steaming hot at my video games I am playing right now. Note I also just recently started playing Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) again from scratch and I have a plan moving forward with the game and a reason why I am starting it over from scratch. It is a post for later on when I progress in my second play through of this game.


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