Friday, July 10, 2020

Fuller House Season 5 Review! (Warning Some Spoilers Ahead)

               I know I was tweeting about this at the end of the week but I wanted to do this review. Season was good and there was a ton of stuff from the past they brought up and I wanna talk about it on today's blog post. First thing I wanna say is Stephanie driving Joey's car into the damn window into the kitchen AGAIN! Talk about major deja vu from the original series, Full House. The next thing is the return of the character Derek who was best friends with Michelle as we know Michelle's character did not return to the series this time around which honestly it all worked out without the Olsen twins returning this season. Yes I was disappointed but still worked out either way. Also the return of the character Dwayne which yes he was the character always said "whatever" which was a well known line he use to say in the show. Also Vicki Larson returned so that really got me excited actually to see old characters resurface or return to the show. This season brought a lot of nostalgia from the Full House Series in the later 80's into the later 90's.

                 Now the review side of things, well I really enjoyed this season and it is truly sad that the series is now finished but I really enjoyed it and the fact that they added in a throwback into this season with it being the last season they did really made things interesting. So I would definitely give this season an 9 out of 10 which is a good rating for a season but wish Netflix didn't have to cancel the series but it is what it is. However I can always buy the DVD's and rewatch the entire series. However another good season and they sure went out with a bang at the end and I was most impressed with the way they ended the series. However the way they ended it kind of leaves things to maybe another reboot? However I do not think there will be a reboot right now, nor a reboot in the very nearby future. If they did do one it would have to do with the kids both Kimmy's and DJ's kids but would be many years down the road for this to happen but this may be beyond my time if it did happen. 


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