Friday, August 2, 2019

More Food Reviews and Events To Come!

         Hopefully this month and the next couple I will get a chance to do some food reviews. the plan right now was to do the Rib fest locally but I am not sure if that is going to be happening this weekend as my dad hasn't mentioned the Rib Fest so I am guessing it is not in the plans but I will talk to him see if he wants to go down for a while and try some ribs. I really wanna get back into that Rib Fest and I think it will be a fun time plus gives me some content for this blog honestly. If we don't then the next review would be all the way at the end of September for the Ukrainian and Polish Festival and I know that is a long way off but for now you guys may end up waiting on reviews for a while. There is other content you guys can read or listen to throughout the site and what not. Anyways event wise I am in the same boat as you all know I pulled out of a pile of events because they weren't working for me or my dad as he comes to most of em as he is like my chaperone which is nice to have someone at the events, especially the family. I wish there were events to go to in July and August but that are the very quiet months for me. May and June I have a few on the list but I wanna see if there is anything in July and August that I can cover. Also as you know I am no longer involved with the Autism Celebration yet I still have the board and haven't had a chance to dismantle it. 

             Now come this fall, I was suppose to do a few food reviews with a member of the Alumni, however they are no longer part of CBOTW and yes I am referring to the Co-Host of Power Rangers Podcast, anyways, I could get my dad to come along or Eric to come along as they both like it but where are you guys talking about? Five Guys Burgers which we got here in Canada apparently which I never knew till I went to the Walmart then I discovered Five Guys there so it is on my list. Another one and if someone starts talking things out to not only get the PR Podcast back up and running again, but to also do a run to Pop Eyes and try their food there and do an review from there. But we will see what happens. Event wise end of September like I said Ukrainian and Polish Festival will be coming up fast and will review the food there on a separate blog post. Then in October will be doing the Apple Festival followed by the Royal Winter Fair, Port Perry in December and Tyrone Parade of Lights to finish up the year in events. 2020 there will have to be some changes and additions to the list of things as Greek Festival and Autism Celebration has been pulled from the schedule so that leaves open some space but never know what will pop up. 


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