Monday, August 5, 2019

Not Sure What Expect For Podcasts In The New Year...

                I have been thinking about this and not sure what to expect with come New Year. Why do I say this? I am not sure if Music City will be back for a 3rd season as I am still waiting to hear any news if it will indeed be renewed but waiting on any news on that which could be mid August if we actually hear anything. As for Celebrity Big Brother, the same thing as well and should know by end of this current Big Brother 21 season.  So there is still waiting to do. As for Music City, I really think they wrapped up in the way of story lines, however there is new story lines they can go with, new things can happen on the show, however I understand if they do not renew and I have said this before on a video online that I am forever grateful CMT (Country Music Television Station) down in the states for the opportunity but there is 10 days till they made the season 2 announcement a year ago and hoping that it will happen we will see in that time frame. Now Celebrity Big Brother, my Alumni said, that he doesn't think it will happen, especially with rumors of Big Brother Canada could start in February instead of March but they can always push Celebrity Big Brother into mid January at the most. 

                  However in the end if there is no Celebrity Big Brother or Music City, I am already got some off season podcasts I can post up in the New Year every week or second week before the Big Brother Canada, Survivor 40 and Amazing Race 32 happen. I think I will definitely aim for every 2nd week if you think about it, that would be biweekly when the off season comes out. I have already been thinking about it and I got that really freakin odd feeling that Big Brother Canada Season 8 will be All-Stars as it is now August and no announcement nor the audition page has been updating so I am starting to speculate which means come New Year that is the one of the first two Podcasts that is coming out is an Dream All Star Cast and if things get better between myself and one of my alumni then I will be able to do the podcast with them but if not that means I am on my own technically. However I need to remain positive and remember this will be officially my 13th season on the air within 4 years which is crazy to think but not sure what to expect right now. I think I need to just go with the flow of things, focus on the remainder of this season which is moving at a fast pace for me but that's Ok, then followed by the 12th season which will have Survivor Island of the Idols which indeed will be an interesting season. From there I just will probably figure things out from there on out then. 


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