Thursday, August 1, 2019

Podcast Status Updates....

              To be honest, I have changed this blog too many times but today's post is about Power Rangers Podcast which as you all know, has been put on hold. Yes it was first of all cancelled then put on a hiatus which that is the current status of it and hasn't moved or any news at this time if it will ever return to air here on the website. I just do not know as you know the co-host behind the second mic has been dismissed which I will not say why but they are no longer involved with that podcast which is why the podcast went on hiatus. I hope and pray things can be worked out this fall when they return online that is why it is on the hiatus status. It is sad to see it end up this way technically but it is what it is. I think it is just best it ends now before the fighting gets worse which has gotten bad again after 3 years of getting along with them. Anyways the status of the podcasts has changed and here is the list:

Active Podcasts:

- Everything About Reality TV (Currently In It's 11th Season)

On Hiatus:

- Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast

                 I honestly am fine working with Everything About Reality TV on it's own right now and it can change anytime soon but I will most definitely tell you guys if things change with Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast but I am being very stubborn and that is the plan as I am going to stand my ground this time around and if things work out they work out and if they don't they don't, it is what it is. I am standing up for my rights now and yes I realize it is affecting this website whatsoever but there is other projects I can put out here on the website. In fact I got a few in mind actually that I can do with two individuals who have come up to me or I have come up to them about it and it is some good ideas in the back of my mind which I think would be a great idea honestly. 


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