Wednesday, July 31, 2019

South Street Burger Food Review

              Originally I was suppose to be going to the movies but due to the weather and not feeling safe with it thunder and lighting yesterday, both Eric and I stayed in town but pretty much made the best out of it and hung at the mall which was technically fine with me plus he had some issues with his walking which was more of my concern. Now he gave me this idea for today's post which is South St. Burger here in my hometown at the local mall. Now I was nervous at the start to know how this is going to taste, whether it was under cooked or overcooked but no, it was non of those actually. Now I had the Aussie Burger which yes Aussie as a burger from Australia. So on this burger there was egg, yes egg which was a little overcooked as it was brown by that could of been from the butter. Anyways bacon was nice and crispy. Burger was nice and juicy and cooked up medium as I always like it. Not Raaaw as Chef Ramsey would say. Soft bun action as usual which I always like to have and I think they toasted the bun and I actually like it a bit toasted actually! Now the service was great, they took my order they got my soft drink very quickly on the tray. It only took a few minutes as they cooked the burger fresh so that is probably the burger was nice and tender when I bit into it. Now fair warning it was a bit greasy but still very good burger and ate every single bite. The Price was around $13.66 which is so close to 14 bucks, so fair warning it was a bit on the pricey side of things but still worth it in the end.

                 Now the rating on South St. Burger is definitely 5 out of 5 all day long. It is worth it like I said and the wait time is worth it as well. I will indeed be back and plan on doing another review down the road and something different down the road that will be determined maybe next month. Anyways I do have some plans for other reviews such as the Rib Fest I was thinking about attending and also in the fall I do plan on doing Popeyes etc but that will be decided later and I will do a list blog eventually. Anyways I enjoyed the meal and it is well worth the small wait and the money and I will be back, I will definitely recommend it to friends and family. I will go the entire 9 yards. I think the fact they staff there overheard me say "food review" they ensured my experience was really good and trust me it was really well worth it and I was nowhere near disappointed, I was highly excited on every last bite of the burger. I honestly did not think egg on a burger would go together but it did. I just wanted to go back for another bite right to the end. I am not overly a picky person and open to new things and this burger, was inspired to try from Eric as he had that about a month or so ago so that is the reason I wanted to try it.


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