Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Change Can Be Hard!

              I admit in the past it wasn't easy for me and still isn't from time to time and that is how I have honestly been feeling since once again leaving YouTube. Recently with the change of not doing the podcast on video once again. As you know in the last week it hasn't been good since I got home a few weeks ago from holidays. Ever since it has been hell trying to catch up and get back on a routine. Routine right now isn't too good but with the podcast from last week today at Noon EDT, it will be good to try and get things out on time tomorrow and Friday. I just gotta keep a positive attitude through these rough times. Just gotta make sure I make the time. My problem was I had no time but the bigger issue was I have not been myself honestly, down depressed cause I kind of felt like I let you guys down with the lack of being on a schedule. I know I have tried to promise to stay on the right track for you guys but recently found it extremely hard to stay on the right track. I kind of blame myself for it as I never recovered after the trip and wish I made time as I had that one day all to myself to get caught up on things and there was also a morning that I was up early but other nights I was up half the night unable to sleep and what not so that did not help whatsoever but finally was able to sleep at night and ready to continue to make up for what I have fallen behind on and on schedule again as of tomorrow night.

               Change can be hard and as I stated above, I have not had the easiest time with adjusting to the change honestly. You just have to try and adjust and if you have to adjust scheduling like I have done over time but sometimes it doesn't seem to work so you just gotta figure it out. I know it is not easy but you have to keep on trucking and never give up. I never really did that but yea I really thought about it honestly. There was a point the other day I was ready to say the heck with Everything About Reality TV but then again you guys reminded me why the heck I am doing this podcast and I have had one heck of a run so far and it's nowhere near finished yet and plenty of more episodes and seasons to come. I just gotta keep it up and hoping and saying a prayer for guidance as the last few weeks haven't been the easiest thing for me honestly but it just gives me more oomph to keep on going with the podcast. Yes there will be a day when my podcast will stop all together but I have said this many times in the past that I do have a plan and in time you will know. Last point I would like to make in this post one of the most hardest changes I had to make was the departure and retired from YouTube back in 2016. It took me about 1.5 years to get the hang of things honestly and still hard even to this day. Change can be dealt with but you have to be able to adjust and let the change happen slowly but surely. Trust me it doesn't happen overnight, it will just take some time. Patience is indeed a virtue and you just gotta be patient through the change.


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